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Less is more – this famous motto of modern architecture attributed to Mies van der Rohe applies to the design of one’s own life as a whole, but also to the design of indoor and outdoor spaces, whether you are in a new family house, in a converted farmhouse or in an apartment lives.

The effect of rooms will be better, the fewer (not more valuable!) The elements used are, but above all, the more sparingly they are composed. An opulent facility and a detailed decoration delight interior designers who are willing to design, but often overwhelm the residents.

A few simple elements with character and their careful combination can create a much more pleasant atmosphere than with some overloaded interiors.
Stylish creativity with simple means beats representative chic.

Much in the form of joy, fulfilment, and satisfaction.
Not only linked to physical stuff, but also to mental and emotional capacity.
Let’s look at some ways that less could potentially equal more:

  1. 1. Less stuff = More room
    Getting less stuff generates more space.
    The places we associate ourselves with can have a greater effect on our lives than we would know.
    The art of decluttering and letting go of things that no longer fit us helps us to enjoy more space, and the less things you have makes it easier for that process.
  2. 2. Less Spending = More Cash
    Do you ever go on an all-out shopping spree, only to feel guilty within hours of spending too much money?
    It’s worth losing the value of things over time, but the sense of guilt and debt is here to stay.
    When we are investing money rather than wasting it, we appear to be more optimistic.
    This contributes to a genuine sense of security and preparation for future conditions. Your mood and how you feel could be greatly affected.
  3. 3. Less Clothes= More Room for Closet
  4. If I’m wrong, correct me, but one of the most common arguments that most couples have is about closet space.
  5. As charged, I happen to be guilty! Getting less clothes allows you and your partner to share more closet space, and therefore results in less disagreements!
  6. 4. Less Furniture= More Room
  7. When I traveled almost two years ago to Japan, I was amazed at how they knew how to use space for their limit.
  8. 5. Less Social Media = More Reading time
  9. It’s easy to get swept up in the Modern World, but it takes away from the positive aspects of technology and the opportunities it gives us to be absorbed by information and social media.
  10. If you find yourself lying in bed scrolling through social media feeds at night, consider installing the Kindle app or leaving your nightstand to read a book.
  11. When there’s less furniture for you. You’ve got less clutter. More space means a mind that is clearer and calmer.
  12. 6. Less Driving = Walking more
  13. I know that to get us around, we rely heavily on our vehicles, and sometimes we need them to get from one place to the other.
  14. But if some places are within walking distance of you, I encourage you to give it a try. You could spend less money on petrol and do more exercise.
  1. 7.Less Anxiety = More Sleep
  2. Stress is known to have detrimental effects on our overall health, and it is no wonder that our sleep habits may be affected by stress. By stressing less, you will receive more sleep.
  3. 8. Less Working Hard = More Working Smart
  4. Have you ever felt that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that you want to do?
  5. We prefer to concentrate on how long something takes rather than what we have actually done when it comes to efficiency.
  6. Try to automate some processes, create a schedule, and calculate your performance instead of constantly feeling like you are late, in order to start becoming more efficient when you are working-rather than wasting so much time working.
  7. 9. Less Scheduling = More Doing
  8. Often we get so wrapped up in organizing that we forget about doing it.
  9. I still say that you end up doing nothing if you try to do anything.
  10. At times, it becomes too overwhelming to just give up.
  11. Take time to think about three things you really want to do this week—whether it’s going to the gym, writing a journal of appreciation, or preparing a meal.
  12. Spend less time looking ahead, and concentrate on short-term tasks you can achieve.
  13. This will provide the motivational boost you need for more to be done. By forming intentions, I like to do this.
  14. 10. Less Junk Food = More Food for Wellbeing
  15. Although this may be easier said than done, it will save you money by cooking food from home and encourage you to have more control over what you put in your body.
  16. If you are bored, consider decluttering your kitchen and discarding the fast-food things you like to snack on.
  17. You make better decisions when you have better options.
  18. 11. Less Diets = Healthy Living
  19. Trendy diets are filled with false promises that give us the message that we can easily lose weight.
  20. While you will lose weight in the short term, it is normal for individuals who are restricted to rapidly regain the weight they have lost.
  1. Simply focus on a healthier lifestyle instead of seeking a different diet.
  2. This means adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, buying supplies for clean food preparation, and keeping the junk food out of the kitchen.
  3. You can see better long-term results instead of a fast fix when you concentrate less on dieting and more on healthy living.
  4. 12. Less Digital Files = More Space for Digital
  5. Decluttering my computer and removing files that were taking up so much storage space were part of my personal journey to Digital Minimalism.
  6. This gave a significant speed boost to my machine and allowed me to organize and maintain only what served my purpose.
  7. 13. Less Drinking = More Water
  8. After a long day or while socializing with friends, it is good to have a glass of wine.
  9. But over the years, I’ve found that when I drink less, and when I’m more intentional with the amount of alcohol I consume, I feel better.
  10. I began a 30-day personal challenge, where I would pour myself a glass of water or ask for a glass of water if I was out anytime I thought about getting a glass of wine.
  11. I made it a habit of bringing a bottle of water around, so I can still have it at my disposal.
  12. This easy adjustment led me to drink more water over time, and less alcohol.
  13. 14. Less Skepticism = More Confidence
  14. Believing in yourself, imagine what you could do if you just put aside those negative self-doubts and went boldly for what you wanted.
  15. Every day, practice self-assertions to give yourself a little trust boost.
  16. At any point in the day or before you go to bed at night, you should write them down and read them aloud.

15. More Appreciation = Less Ungratefulness
You write down some stuff each morning that you are grateful for.
Holding a journal of appreciation encourages you to see the good stuff in your life and stop dwelling on the negative.
You are able to see what is important in life by showing appreciation, rather than wishing things could be different.

  1. 16. Less Complaining= More Helping
    Rely on problems that you can correct and what you can improve, instead of moaning.
    When we substitute complaining and motivation, we see the constructive process and acknowledge the problems that are not within our control.

The Principle of Less is Better

  • The idea of less is more is based on the importance of simplicity and that you can actually generate a life of more by getting less.
  • With less, you will always feel safe and happy because you achieve so much more meaning in your life.
  • By getting less, what do you gain?
  • You gain clarity by getting fewer,
  • You gain space from getting fewer.
  • You gain emphasis from getting fewer.

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