Every lounge room tells a story, and with a wide range of fabric and leather options, freedom can help add character to your home.

Your duvet or comforter has a crucial role to play in the look and feel of your bedroom, providing the ideal blend of comfort and style. Soft fabrics help keep you cosy on cold nights, while the colour palette and prints set the mood of your bedroom décor.

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Enjoy the restorative elegance of a stay in a luxury hotel at home.

To find the ideal luxury comforter sets for your bedroom, browse a wide range of looks, from plain neutrals to bold prints at ELEGANT STRAND.

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Size and Match Shopping for

Choosing the right size duvet cover or comforter is important for the comfort of your space. Match your bedspread to the size of your mattress with a range of sizes from Society6.

Shop matched sets that include shams, or a range of different styles to complement and mix.

Our standard shams feature a rectangular shape that fits easily over most of the bed pillows, whereas the square-shaped Euro shams require a dedicated pillow design.

Attach a bed scarf in a queen or king-size to cover over your choice duvet or comforter for an additional style accent.

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On a sofa that provides the fun sensation of welcoming warmth and soothing softness, prepare to get cozy. The ultimate type of comfort in a cushion and convenience. A 50×50 throw cushion is a Sofa-Mate cushion for your couch.

Choosing a Fabric Correct

The best cloth for your luxurious duvet covers depends on three factors-texture, comfort and laundry needs. Choosing the correct texture is largely a matter of personal preference. Browse elegant sateen, traditional linen and cotton percale to make you feel soft to your fingertips.

Finding the right designer consoles also depends on your ideal warmth and seasonal use. A thicker comforter are used as stand-alone bedding in winter season, so a lighter quilt or coverlet can be combined with a duvet and throw blanket for a layered look.

Certain types of fabric are often subject to special procedures for washing. Choose from a range of machine washable and dry-clean styles to find a fabric that best fits your lifestyle. Materials such as linen and cotton percale appear to wrinkle faster than some other textiles, while heavier weaves, such as jacquard, retain a sleek look for an elegant, easy-care alternative.

Couch Rectangular Pillow by em3ricadam

Stylish Colour Palettes Production

Our classic and contemporary duvet cover designs come in a variety of choices to fit your décor-clean whites, soft neutrals and detailed prints. Your duvet cover or comforter, like any bedding feature, should complement the overall style of your bedroom.

If there are already many defining accent pieces in your bedroom, opt for neutral bedding to prevent an overwhelming look.
Bold bedding may provide an elegant accent element in spaces with a soft decorative atmosphere. For an elevated rustic touch, explore a handsome plaid pattern or keep the look rich and timeless with an intricate paisley style. Match colors in the pattern to your room’s design aesthetic to attract the eye while still maintaining a seamless look throughout your room.

Couch Throw Pillow by orlydesigns

The beautiful feature big windows, which has open-view the entire house and uplifting the sofa. As someone who knows a lot about design, I definitely wanted something that would stand out that address my inspiration.

Couch Wall Clock by em3ricadam

Shop our vast collection of duvet covers and comforters with a unique selection of designs, fabrics and patterns, making sleek looks simple to create that can reinvent your bedroom décor instantly.

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