7 ways to “wake up” to make a big impact on your home

Create vivid, seductive and absolutely sexy high-impact design statements. The sense of color balance can be used with “awakening” and neutral colors to create a warm atmosphere, and for state-of-the-art-garde fists, it can be matched with more vivid colors. It’s time to revel in wine in a very fashionable way.

1. Splash of Awakening

Forget what you have heard about dream makeovers involving large amounts of wood or marble, paint will always be the superhero of interior renovation.

If you prefer to favor individuality or practicality, then we recommend that you pull out all the blocks and paint the walls in the vivid “awakening” shadow.

The living room designed by the London design firm Studio Milne is placed with unconstrained wings of awakening.

The dense wall occupies the center position, while the Burgundy sofa creates an infinite space. Simple accessories provide the room with Exquisite decoration.

  • Sight

This is the easiest sense to affect. There are numerous ways you can attract customers using this sense, from using colors, changing the intensity of the lighting in your shop, to simply make a good arrangement of the products in your shop.

When done correctly, you can even adjust what products the customer will focus on and how long they will stay in a section of your shop.

2. Wake up accent

  • Sound

There are multiple ways to affect this sense. People’s conversation, background music, even the surrounding sound can affect your perception.

For example, younger people tend to be attracted to shop at a place where they play upbeat music, while older people generally like a shop that play soft or classical music better.

If drawing each wall with bold shadows is too radical for you, then update on one side of the room to be a corner worth stopping.

To create a small but striking contrast with your space to achieve a modern look. It is definitely expected to increase productivity!

3. Declare furniture

If the neutral aura reverberates in your living room, but you would rather melt the monochromatic advantage and be full of color, instead of completely moving to the left wing, you can start with the small furniture.

The sofa is an obvious choice. For those who may have already purchased a sofa, just re-decorate the existing seats in this shade.

In this beautiful living room in a three-story house in southern Mumbai imagined by Baldiwala Associates, the architect Ali Baldiwala did just that. He deployed a custom-made structural sofa in the shade, leaning against the neutral soil wall of the room, to create an alluring and flattering arrangement.

4. Wake up through the vignette

  • Touch

The sense of touch is a very important thing when you’re doing Interior Design. People will be more willing to buy something when they can try it first.

To imagine, there are 2 shops that sell hand phones. One of them allow customer to try it on the spot with security measures, the other forbid the customer to try the product, and they can only see it. Which one of these two shop you’ll want to buy a hand phone from? Normally, people will choose the first one. This is why the sense of touch is an important factor in Interior Design for a shop.

For minimalists, please add space for “wake up” in the form of this wallpaper, with sideboards, closets or decorative style decorations, add more elegantly decorated master bedroom that exudes chic and sensuality. Use neutral color waves to elegantly layer the elements to avoid the space from appearing false.

5. Pure awakening

Lightweight, pure or luxurious jacquard, adding appropriate shade or blinds to the windows, is the easiest way to rejuvenate the room. The best part? The possibilities are endless.

Roman blinds are the first choice for lovers of worry-free design, while floor-to-ceiling curtains are ideal for those who like to enjoy the drama in their decorations. Invest in curtains that complement your furniture, walls and ceiling.

6. Flirt and wake up

If you do not want to boldly use walls and furniture decoration, and do not want to do some high-impact things, please use one or two furniture, through soft decoration to “awaken” into your space. Maybe a chair cover or headboard? In this room, the carpet seems to be the protagonist of the space.

  • Smell

Believe it or not, there’s an entire science to what’s referred to as “scent marketing”, with several studies and real-world case studies of global brands like Samsung, Sony, and Verizon applies it to their advantage.

The reason being that smell is considered to be a fast track to the system in your brain that controls both emotion and memory, two very prominent factors behind why we choose one brand over another.

7. Unusual wakeup

A subtle and surprising way to use “wake up” is to use it in an unexpected way. Why not make an understatement of the inside of cabinets and wardrobes, or create exquisite splash guards in the kitchen. Here, the cabinets in “Awakening” colors are stylish and bright, without face, making the kitchen look magnificent.

  • Taste

This sense is mostly used in Consumables Department. When you give people the chance to taste a sample of the products you sold, they will be far more inclined to buy it. This is why usually in a place that sold consumables, there is a section dedicated to free samples.

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