As we dive into modernizing your business, we will look at your process for improvement and look at your team (or lack of one) for measurable improvement. We will look for revenue diversification (which is easier than ever in today’s marketplace) and look to make your business maximize revenue potential like never before.

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Developing Your Business Honesty Score

Since consumers seemingly have an endless supply of choices today, it is our job to simply become the logical choice for your products and services. This is accomplished through marketing, branding, and sales principles that help you transform into the most profitable modern business you can become, while streamlining business efficiencies that drive revenue growth even higher. If we all agree where we stand in today’s marketplace, then what are we going to do about it?


Some business owners ignore the changing business environment and continue to eat stress for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sticking your business-head in the sand is not an “On-Purpose Business” option! Of course not! You are here to become a bigger business. That already shows me that you are not ready to give up or give in. It shows me that you are ready to fight for your piece of the entrepreneur pie.

  • I hear all of the time, from hundreds of business owners that I consult with and teach, the following phrases:
  • I don’t know where to start? (Start here!)
  • Things are so different now, so I guess time has passed me by! (No it hasn’t!)
  • I am not technical! (You don’t need to be!)
  • Well, those aren’t my customers. They are not online! (Yes, they are!)

Here is the truth. When I hear these words come out of entrepreneurs’ mouths, I believe them. I believe them because they have never taken the steps to push their business forward and see what is really out there for the taking by stepping out of their daily grind and comfort zone.


More over, they have not actually made the CEO decision to roll up their sleeves and say, “It is time for me to do what I need to do to take and keep the marketshare I deserve and become a 21st century business!”. Any business can grow and be more profitable.

We just need to start asking the right questions, identifying strengths and weaknesses, while putting a business growth plan in place to execute your new business-vision. The typical business problem is that most business owners and/or CEOs get pulled in fifty different directions that are not High-Dollar-Money-Making-Activities, which robs them of the opportunity of purposefully working on growth.

Through dissecting your business to its core, we take steps towards impactful change On-Purpose and Not-by-Accident! That is what CEOs who want to grow their businesses do! They build purposeful businesses! Your business deserves a blueprint comprised of modern growth non-negotiables, winning marketing formulas, sales performance non-negotiables, and lock-n-load automatic growth tools. Combined in the world’s best business execution blueprint, you will command expected growth, embrace new efficiency, and remove yourself from the business-trenches to watch your business thrive from the sidelines – with you as the biggest cheerleader.

Getting Intimate With Your Business


To know your business, is to grow your business! Time to get intimate with your business! Your business is just like a personal relationship. It has strengths and weaknesses.

To grow your business purposefully, we first need to identify areas of strength and areas of weakness. The best way to achieve this is to get intimate with your business. Getting intimate can deliver great joy, but it also can be uncomfortable if we are not rock solid or unsure where we stand. It only starts to feel good when we truly know where we stand and we are confident we have put our best foot forward – and the same goes for your personal relationship with your business. The only way to be on solid ground is to start with honesty!

That’s where you are marching; straight towards business honesty, so you have the best chance to grow. Just like growing a stronger relationship, you need the same honest evaluation to see where you are with your business and more importantly, where it needs to go based upon your assessment. Typically, this is the hardest item to do because more often than not, the truth hurts. For some, living in a state of denial is easier because whether things are good or not, denial about where you currently are (in relationships or in business) at least gets you a little further down the road.

The honest truth though is that unless you take time to evaluate, you may not see the road is a dead end. It is only months or years later that you realize the folly and that lost time makes it even harder to get back on the right path. Avoiding pain and discomfort today creates further pain down the line and postpones achieving bigger business and personal growth.

After all, doesn’t the old saying ring true? “The truth shall set you free!” It is time to put your business mind to work to help you grab what you deserve: growth!

Business Fact:


Every business can improve! We all can improve. Think about it. If we can’t improve, then you are stuck where you are because that is the best you’re going to be. Absurd, right? Of course it is! So let’s transform your business forever. The best way to achieve business improvement is to dissect and identify areas of business strength and weakness, in order to build the path to your best business! It is a fact that most people will achieve more when they are placed in an atmosphere where they focus on activities in which they excel.

The converse is also true. Most people achieve less than desired results when performing tasks that do not suit their skill sets or natural abilities. Having stated the obvious, let’s evaluate all the areas of your business and clearly identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas in need of “purposeful business improvement planning.” Dissecting your business and identifying areas of focus or improvement is a major step towards poising a business for sustainable growth.

Before we can build your best brand, your best marketing practices, your best sales approaches, and biggest business, we need to build a purposeful improvement blueprint. This will serve as your guide to a new business vision that commands growth and takes market-share as you unveil the new business offerings to the 21st century consumer base.

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