The Danish art of comfortable living has become complicated. It may seem cold in an attractive and eclectic place, this place shows her passion for traveling, but it is quite enough.

Fortunately, Sarah Walker, the designer of The Curated House, saw the light. She envisioned a luxurious appearance that could make it retreat, but full of personality, perfectly embodying the artists, adventurers, mistresses and lairs living here.

Considering the simplicity of Scandinavia, Sarah designed a space that can pass through all fronts.

For designers, incorporating the art collection into the interior can be a bit tricky. They need to provide designs that reflect their customers’ lifestyle and decoration preferences while respecting their work.

Ultimately, the result should express the taste and passion of the collector. People’s beloved treasures and valuable objects in their lives have begun to eat into their space. There are other problems: a wall separates the kitchen from the living room, creating a prison-like atmosphere for those preparing meals ; The kitchen itself is simple; the shapes of the two bathrooms are similar.

minimalistic lines, the bed fits perfectly into a purist room

Just like in Brunello Cucinelli’s collection, low-key luxury stitched the rooms together: a vintage French wardrobe at the entrance, a quadruple plush pink club chair in the living area, and a headboard decorated with Kelly Wearstler fabric in the master bedroom. some.

As for the homeowner’s massive art collection? Anne used magic to layer objects in the form of vignettes to create special moments throughout the apartment.

The master bedroom is luxurious and young, with a button-tufted velvet headboard and art deco brass chandelier with coordinated wall lights to create a dramatic impact. The patterns on the waist pad and curtains play a sweet visual effect.

Luxurious master bedroom

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