LoftDesigns – Desktop Organizer


  • LoftDesigns This is a locksmith at his workbench, working with his hacksaw on a piece of metal. Keep the desk neat.
  • In one place, keep your pens, notes, and envelopes. High quality, accurate, and carefully made by hand are the screw men and metal figures. This form of processing implies that each one is unique and meets high standards of quality.
  • In an intensive and complex production process, these little screw men and screw figures are made with high craftsmanship and rich in detail from screws, nuts, metal, and copper.
  • Not only do they impress with their exceptional creativity, but they also impress with their detailed production. A jewelry piece that will delight both young and old alike.
  • These steel figures and objects are also ideal for every occasion like a fancy gift idea – whether for a birthday, day of name, as a token of love, or as a gift for guests. You always have a special kind of gift concept with the screw men.


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