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I learned these approaches when I was training to make it as a writer. They helped me reach the highest potential in my choice words. Then I applied them to this process and I had the same success.


Confidently observe the process, do not force the change.

Becoming the learner, and with a quiet assuredness approach the techniques. When you start from this vantage point you have mental clarity and detachment from the outcome. This will prevent you from forcing an outcome and make you tense. This tension will ultimately prevent learning and stop the techniques from becoming an easy part of us.

Be easy, fun and even a bit flirty.

This might sound truly silly but whatever the work is we are trying to achieve, approaching it in this way gives you the right mental energy. I suppose you could say it gets you out of your own way. You go with the flow a little more. You’re more relaxed and fun. This is the optimal learning state.

Be diligent and practise but don’t overdo it.

Take these techniques and apply them daily. This is a life’s work. You are never done. The goal is to make your habitual habits more positive and thusly your life. Remember, don’t overdo it. A few moments each day can be enough. Aspire to live life and enjoy.


The power of our thoughts

We are all thinking all day every day, a personal conversation. These thoughts, when repeated over and over eventually become our beliefs.

Beliefs are hugely powerful because they shape who we are. They shape the choices we make. They are the cornerstone of how we allow our lives to unfold. Every step until now has been a choice and our choices are decided by our beliefs. So trust me when I say your thoughts are powerful!!

You observe your thoughts and decide to make conscious choices to think more positively. One day at a time. Usain Bolt could not run sub 10 seconds on the first day he decided to be a professional sprinter. But with each day of practicing and refining, he finally got there. I think so, too. I practice.

Positive self-talk/ image and self-love

Self-love is the most powerful tool in creating the life of our dreams. Loving yourself means we feel deserving. We won’t stand for things that don’t enrich our lives (bad relationships, jobs, etc). We won’t allow things to stay or come into our lives any more which don’t enrich us because we regard ourselves in the highest esteem.

Self-love is the truest power of the universe. Our minds are receptive and our point of power (or attraction) is switched on. In this state, we can achieve anything and life just seems to flow that bit easier.

You see, when you love yourself, you don’t sweat the small stuff. When life’s hurdles turn up, you are more able to jump over them. You will find fewer hurdles to come, as what you are offering is a deserving and receptive point of power. Life will start working for you.

  • When we make a mistake “oh well, I’ll do better next time” or “I’m going to let that one go.” Or better still. “The rest of (the day/work/meeting) is going to be amazing”
  • Changing the conversation. Instead of focusing on how terrible we are. We can now, because we have the choice, decide to affirm great things about ourselves. Say right this second. “I am worthy, I am a good person, I deserve the best and I accept all good into my life. I love myself”

Surround yourself with people living how you’d like to. As we know we are the culmination of our close circle, we can use it to our advantage.

If you long to be more adventurous be drawn to more adventurous people. If you want more wealth draw yourself to wealthy people and so on… their easy mindset about these situations filter into your life and surroundings.

You naturally transfigure into that you wish to become. It all starts with you but as you grow to search out that which you want through people, places, and circumstance.

Have Fun

Make sure to have fun with life. Have the freedom that fun brings the joy and passion of life we feel when we LET GO and have fun. Life gets too serious and we get beaten down by it.

Find the joy and fun in everything you do and you will have mastered your life. Plant the seed of fun anywhere you can and watch that experience grow into the most beautiful aspects of your life.

Find fun at work at home on your days off. Find the fun and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Life is there to be lived. If it is true we only have one then why worry? Nothing you have here you will take with you.


Go traveling, write that book, see your friends, drink and eat, and just have fun. As long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else you’re doing great.

Keep doing it. I am so passionate about everyone living their best life and now it’s your turn. Find the joy and spread it with everyone you meet. Come over to and share your story with my and our community.

Much love

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