Home Décor Inspiration

Move closer to nature


Taking nature as biggest important factor, is necessary for our lifestyle. Homeowners move to the country in search of outdoor space. A greater connection with the garden has long features top of self-builders and home improves wishlist’s, but it now seem as thought the lure of the urban area is officially dwindling for mainstream buyers as well.

We wanted to create a luxury home with a light and interesting color palette that would maintain balance between masculine and feminine element and reference some mid-century aesthetics.

The vestibule’s monochrome en-caustic tiles make for a grand entrance, and the herringbone time flooring builds on this sense of luxury

Connecting the outside space with the interior was crucial for the owners; to have a private back garden. What has been achieved here look effortless, but that lightness of touch owes much to designer’s skill, lateral thinking and shrewd attention to detail.

Metallic and matt surfaces, meanwhile, along with hand-leafing and irregular-shaped rugs, all contribute to the look and feel. The effect of all this is to bring in light, life and color, by absorbing nature into the design.

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