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My most favorite learn for life lessons


What I believe We all have an inner power to take control of our life. All too often we think life is something that happens to us. We feel powerless and out of control. We feel life is a string of events that unfold to reveal a life that we just have to deal with.

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make. ~ Les Brown

This may seem to be a statement that can upset and anger people. Why would what I’m thinking make my relationships fail or my finances be a mess? Well, until we understand that the power of our subconscious mind or as some call it ‘The Universe’ affects our life in a profound and very real way, we will never truly master the outcome of our life journey. We will become the victim of our preprogrammed thoughts and beliefs we made in the past and will continue the cycle of those experiences.

The wonderful thing about thoughts and beliefs is they can be chosen and changed, the power lies within you in this very moment. You need not worry about the past or the future. We are going to go on a journey together from the only point of power we have. Our chosen thoughts and feelings in the present moment.

The steps you make right now WILL create your future experiences. I promise you from this moment you can create more loving relationships, better jobs, financial security, and wonderful experiences, ultimately what we all want. A happy life!

Don’t berate yourself for the past experiences you didn’t want. Today is a new and the future is unwritten. Let’s start today to write the future we deserve and one which fulfils us to our own heart’s desire. Being rich, being successful being… you name it, are wonderful but do they make you truly happy?

A life without cause is a life without effect. ~ Barbarella

We need our own mentor will help us find our own path to happiness and the abundant life you deserve. We are all different. Let’s enjoy this journey together but ultimately individually. You only have you to worry about on this one.

I can’t wait to start. Sending you all so much love. Take all this on board in a fun cheeky way and the learning process will come quicker and easier. Let’s start the fun!!

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