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Magic Cleaning: Spring Cleaning with Marie Kondo

Is decluttering spark joy with you?

The  New Year have begun, the sun is shining and the motivation is great: At last there is time to weed out the apartment properly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re attempting to clean out an entire room or a single drawer, you need time and a plan. Yet for most people, finding the time and an effective cleaning strategy is difficult. Throw in the toxins from store-bought cleaning products, and the whole situation is downright scary.

The special thing about this method is that you don’t clean up the rooms one at a time – instead, you’re looking at individual categories. If you pick out the cupboard, you can also get the clothes out of the wardrobe and from the cellar. Then place them all in a heap and start sorting them out.

Order in the apartment creates order in life

You’ll soon see that you own far too much – and most of it is unnecessary ballast. You can get away from that now. Consistently throw away everything you no longer need. For Marie Kondo, the most important selection criterion is whether an item makes you really happy. Everything else ends up in the garbage or is donated. This sounds very radical, but it is liberating. You won’t miss much of your frills. You now have more time to consciously focus on the important things.

Set goals

Of course, you can’t go from chaos to order to lover in one day. But you don’t have to. Work your way up bit by bit and set yourself small goals. A good start, for example, is your own desk when everything is in place, learning and working is much easier. Once you have completed an intermediate step, you can start with the next cleanup category. So you slowly get closer to the final goal: a decent apartment.

Everything has its place

Another ingredient of the KonMari method is boxing. Get many boxes of different sizes, in which you can store all the annoying little stuff that otherwise flies wildly around in the drawers. Everything gets its fixed place – and is covered again after use. Of course, it takes a while to sort the Crimean scrambles. In the long run, however, you save a lot of time that you would otherwise waste with searches.

Creating habits

If you clean up a little every day, you’re always in order. Try to integrate the unloved activities into your everyday life: quickly turn on the washing machine in the morning, rinse the dishes immediately after eating or bring out the garbage regularly. Soon, these handles will turn into flesh and blood – and you won’t even notice that you’re cleaning up.

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