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Over the past few months, our world has turned upside down. Do you have remained at home, and what matters to you and what does it matter to you?

Surely it’s got us! While brick and mortal shops remain shut, small businesses need our help more than ever before. Even if you can’t help them with a purchase or two, please continue to like and share online posts with some of your top picks-it means so much at times like this.

Johnson wrote: “To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition, the end to which every enterprise and labour tends.”


That’s real, I thought, stopped for a moment to reflect, before beginning again, absent-mindedly, to put away the dishes. Johnson was right; home was at the core of my life — for good and for sick. But what’s “home,” anyway? What did I want from my place of residence?


Home is where I step through the door without ringing the bell; where I take a handful of coins from the change bowl without asking; where I eat a tuna fish sandwich without misgivings about the ingredients; where I shoot through the mail. My family is at the heart of this home, and home is where my family is. If I had imagined, my home would be a place full of memories of those I loved.

My home is a place of unconditional belonging, part of its joy, part of its pain — as Robert Frost wrote, home is “Something you don’t deserve.”

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I feel a greater sense of protection and acceptance at home, and also of obligation and duty. My hospitality is voluntary among friends, but my family never needs an invitation. Although the people in it are its most important aspect, home is also a place of return, the physical core of my schedule — and of my imagination. The whole globe spins in my mind around a single location, where a bright red “You Are Here” arrow hovers over our roof undetected.


And every moment is an emotional roller coaster, too. You’re going to feel challenged. You’re starting to wonder if it’ll all work out. You’re going to have questions. Issues. You’ll hear ideas that drive you beyond the limits of your belief system that are in direct contradiction to mainstream opinion or what most people might call “common sense.”

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The best way to deal with confusion and the insane beauty of it all is this: realize that growing your company is simply about growing yourself. It’s about expanding your potential. It’s about how you’re controlling your feelings, how you’re living your principles and values, how you’re widening your thought. It’s about being safe, concentrated, and oriented.

The entrepreneur who does this will create a prosperous company that lasts.

Understand that new ideas and new technologies are relevant, but they are not essential to success. Becoming a master of both life and entrepreneurship is about understanding yourself and your relationship with others.

When we go through life, we’re going through different states of mind, spirit, and emotion. It is our ability to handle these states and to interact profoundly and authentically with others that will make us prosperous, happy entrepreneurs. I believe that each of us has the power to build positive lives and companies, but that only when we go deeply and tap into that real, inspired, motivated space inside can this happen.

This conviction allowed me to rise from a humble beginning to do what I do today — work with incredible people from all walks of life, including iconic leaders and world changers. I am doing my part to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to live a satisfying, joyful, abundant life.

I still can’t believe this is what I’m going to do all day.

The world will deal you enough critics. It will do a good enough job of beating you up. It will throw all kinds of shit from all angles in your vicinity. You need to do the job of lifting yourself up. So instead of compounding all the beatings you already get, be your own biggest fan. Be in your own corner. Have your own back. Be the founding member of your own appreciation society. If you don’t champion yourself, sell yourself and reward yourself, no one else will do it for you. Instead of being a self-critic and your own worst enemy:

• Pat yourself on the back.

• Gee yourself up.

•    Catch yourself out doing things well and let yourself know about it.

• Treat yourself.

• Lavish yourself with praise. You don’t have to tell anyone else. This is a private fan club with one very, very special member. Roll out the red carpet for this VIP and MVP because you are the GOAT.*

Success! You're on the list.

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