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Learn to motivate yourself with self-affirmation


Life is an extremely tough journey. At times you get to the point where you ask yourself whether you will make it or not. Many people give up, while others postpone their plans just because things haven’t gonged the right way. The sad thing is that success and failure are all engraved in mind.

The way you handle emotions and attitudes will determine whether you succeed or you fail.  Just like anything else, anything you do takes practice and a lot of patience. Through practice, you can learn to master your emotions. When you do this, you will be able to manage what is pleasant and what is unpleasant.

Before you can get to this level, you need first to recognize the emotions and then label them. Give them a name and a size. When you have time to master your emotions, you will find life being better and easier than it is at the moment. Make haste when choosing the right way to master emotions, because any slip and you will end up losing it.

Affirmation assists you in making the right choices about what becomes real in your world.

Consciously selecting what you affirm about generates an observation and whatever you keep affirming about becomes a great reality. When you open your mind to great things, great things will likely happen around you. When you open your mind to nasty things, then these will likely become a reality within what you observe. 

Affirmations are also emphasized trough the quantum zero effect, a major aspect of quantum physics.

This concept demonstrates that you can sustain a particular state of the brain for a long time by creating rapid and more frequent observations about it. Quantum zero also indicates that those states observed for too long may become permanent in a person’s life. This is because the mind is always changing all the time. If you decide to concentrate on a single thought, you create a force that is capable of sustaining the thought in your brain permanently.

Holding on to a thought permanently can totally change the state of your mind, resulting in new neural connections. When you keep focusing on positive thoughts, it becomes easy for you to create and sustain an ever-positive attitude. This, in turn, creates a positive reality and positive experiences.

Generating positive affirmations needs concentration and determination. It is not easy to keep saying the same thing severally. There has been a lot of confirmation that persistent affirmation and positive thinking have a great impact on what happens in reality.

Affirmations are crucial when there is a disconnection between the unconscious and conscious mind.

In most cases, the unconscious mind gets to win because it is rich in knowledge. Here are a few guidelines that you can employ to ensure that you make the most out of the quantum nature of the brain: Understand that you are in charge of your world. Your thought patterns and actions determine your experiences in life. Whatever happens to you is largely dependent on your beliefs. It is therefore important that you determine the kind of beliefs that govern your life The unconscious mind can process an infinite number of things at a go.

Therefore, you mustn’t restrict the ideas and thoughts that come along Utilize neural linking, which involves connecting beliefs with emotions that are already present in your memory. Neural linking makes use of these connections to increase the effectiveness of your affirmations and beliefs. You can make use of this idea anywhere, anytime Develop some imprinting materials. These will serve as reminders that fashion your way of thinking.

The materials can be in the form of audio recordings, pictures for those who are good at drawing, or writings Come up with a routine. Having a routine will train your brain’s function. Routines that are more frequent always impact reality faster than those that occur at wide intervals. The best time to work on your thoughts is when you are a bit relaxed and not too busy.

For instance, you may decide to do this every time you are half-asleep since at this point is when your conscious and unconscious minds are more alert. The ideal time recommended by scientists is very early in the morning when you wake up or very late in the evening as you go to bed.

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