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Today we visit a magnificent Parisian pied-à-terre that perfectly combines modernism and classicism.

Parisian pied-à-terre: the work of the Ravazi studio

The Parisian pied-à-terre is a typical Haussmannian apartment with all the beauty that goes with it: the high ceilings and magnificent moldings.
Strong neoclassical influences play with modern minimalist furniture. The Ravazi studio, an architectural agency, took care of the restoration of the place as well as its decoration. Architects’ watchword is mediation between engineering and architecture, the synthesis between construction techniques and architectural sensitivity. Which is perfectly illustrated with this Parisian apartment.

Restoration work has already been undertaken, in particular to revive the floor, conserve the magnificent marble fireplace and enhance the moldings and wooden shutters. To this has been tastefully added modern furniture and iconic pieces of contemporary design. This results in an atypical apartment juggling between styles and using winks. You can directly feel the intelligence of the architect who brilliantly mixed the sources of inspiration of the different eras with a great knowledge of the different styles and one could even say: beautiful.
The Razavi studio was determined to meticulously bring the apartment back to its former glory while planting it firmly in the present.

Decorative visit: Parisian pied-à-terre between modernism and classicism

The entrance is dressed in a Berber carpet that dresses the room with strong colors: burgundy and red. To accentuate the traditional side, leather chairs are placed in a row of onions. The decoration thus installed makes it possible to give a real role to the entrance which is no longer simply a place of passage. The leather of the chairs and the large carpet warm the atmosphere and you immediately feel welcome in this Parisian pied-à-terre.

Parisian pied-à-terre leather chair entry - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner

Like any Haussmannian apartment, the rooms are very large and high in ceiling. There are indeed two rooms for the living room, it is worthy of a mansion. The first living room is dressed in an antique-inspired wallpaper with a mystical landscape on a whole wall. The coffee table with its tree trunk foot and its thick glass plate echoes the plant side of the wall. The white linen sofa brings softness to the rather raw decor. While the marble fireplace accommodates an extra lamp and graphic vases full of character. It is a clever idea because these small objects can be easily changed and at a lower cost. So, choosing timeless centerpieces and more characterized trinkets is the assurance of a sustainable decoration.

white linen sofa parquet chevron pied-à-terre Parisien - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner
living room coffee table log trunk tree pied-à-terre Parisien - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner
fireplace black marble golden gold parisian pied-à-terre - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner

Parisian pied-à-terre between modernism and Greek influence

After a double door, we continue the visit in the second living room where we see a Beni Ouarain carpet. This Berber-inspired rug adds style to this apartment and goes well with geometrically shaped parquet. A large period mirror overlooks this living room and Scandinavian chairs modernize the space. So we are in a living room that manages the mix & match decor perfectly. The mixture of material, era and style is indeed impressive for success.

Next door, in a very minimalist style, we find the dining table with Jean Prouvé chairs. On the ceiling, a Serge Mouille lamp seems to take advantage of the weightlessness above the table. A piece of furniture in a golden grid accompanied by candlesticks allows you to decorate without obscuring the beautiful floor covering. We love this combination of parquet with a typically Greek, antique motif and this very modern piece of furniture which lets the patterns of the parquet show through. I did not think of crossing the grid pattern decoration, a piece of furniture in golden mesh  in a Parisian pied-à-Terre between moldings and old parquet

parquet floor with a Parisian pied-à-terre pattern - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner
classic minimalist Parisian style decoration style - decor blog - Clem Around The Corner
proven jean chair lamp serge mouille stay parisian pied-à-terre - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner
Parisian monstera pied-à-terre dining room - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner
Parisian brass pied-à-terre console - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner

The cuisine contrasts as it is resolutely contemporary. Only the moldings on the ceiling reveal the origins of the apartment. A Vertigo pendant lamp by Constance Guisset, aerial and graphic, overlooks the central island. We note the association of beautiful materials: marble, light wood for this very bright kitchen.

kitchen ilot vertigo suspension constance guisset pied-à-terre parisien - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner

Parisian pied-à-terre: private spaces

The bedroom has a library which is a real nod to Piet Mondrian. Indeed a large white frame surrounds cubes in primary colors. Besides, the objects and books stored respect this artistic harmony.

Cushions with graphic shapes accentuate the artistic momentum on the bed.

mondrian bedroom design parisian pied-à-terre library - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner
diy pied-à-terre parisian harp rope chair - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner

Finally, on this bedroom opens the bathroom. Black & white mosaics adorn the floors and walls. There is no other choice of colors than monochrome, which gives a majestic side to the room, accentuated by the height of the ceiling. A retro design bathtub recalls the mix of styles of the apartment.

black and white pied-à-terre parisien italian shower - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner
black white bathroom parisian pied-à-terre bathtub - decoration blog - Clem Around The Corner

Ultimately, we are surprised by the beauty of the place and by the intelligence with which the architect was able to juggle between styles from very different eras. So, the rendering is original and pleasant, it is a unique place with a crazy charm.

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