No room for clutter


Good-bye rummage drawer
In the kitchen, we all know those “rummage drawers.” Crammed with regular bits and pieces to be handy for them. Cooking utensils, scissors and cutlery clutter up and create tension in the kitchen. Different drawer inserts aid in a quick and practical way to tidy up. And to appeal to various tastes and functions. Make opening your drawers a happy moment…

Quality and design

The String Storage Combo Kitchen 157x200x30cm was designed in 1949 by Nisse Strinning

Do you appreciate high-quality, natural material and modern looks?

This wood cutlery insert, a sustainable raw material, is an excellent and durable substitute. The cutlery insert may be supplemented with foil dispensers or knife inserts, whether in beech or in noble dark grey ash.

Flexible cutlery arrangement

As well as being a true eye-catcher, the transparent cutlery insert is both functional and hygienic. To change the cross dividers as needed, separators can be removed and the compartments can be cleaned easily.
It is then easily possible to put the separators back on.

4ALLPORTAL - Dateien

Noble & practical

Do you want a high-quality, but still versatile, alternative to wooden cutlery inserts? Not just trendy, the darkened translucent insert is both functional and hygienic. The separator bars can be removed in the lighter version and the cross-dividers can be repositioned as needed.

World Factory, David’s & Sons

Cleaning is as easy as pie. More than just a compromise.

For the individualist who values high quality

The high-quality and versatile MOVE interior organization method, which is practically a design item, is distinguished by genuine wood and metal. Compartments can be put together as needed, reorganized over and over again with a couple of basic steps. The anti-slip mat guarantees that it all remains in place.

In order to have the appropriate instrument at hand in any case, the kitchen accessories should preferably be stored systematically.
Sometimes, the one under the hob is the most important drawer. Whether cooking spoons or spatula: Everything must be at hand quickly.
The dimensions of several hobs, however, provide no room for a drawer. This is where the unique drawer makes its debut with a flatter structure. The narrow cutlery insert rounds off the realistic design.

Bare walls?

Regal JOHN black metal und mango wood

Put your stuff on view! The shelf provides your kitchen nook with variety and gives it an individual touch.


The decorative and sophisticated shelf accents are wooden module boxes. Spices, aromatic herbs, and other utensils are ready and mobile from now on.

Tidy up

Flexibility through horizontal and vertical dividers

A crunching, rattling, crackling pull-out in the kitchen?
Just no use anymore. The comparison clearly shows that transverse and longitudinal dividers have a great impact. You can produce a tidy space miracle with just a few jigs and give your guests a peek, even without prior notice.

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