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student studio decluttering

Having been through the student box already, I know how clear the tasks are not. It’s never been a simple job to find an apartment or a suitable roommate not far from my school or to find ideas to furnish my interior. That’s why I wanted to go back a few years to share tips and advice from my student years with you!

I kept switching from one apartment to another during my studies. Therefore, my student years were dotted with very different accommodations: furnished studio, collocation, or even university residence.

green snake plants on brown pot

And I needed to be careful not to overspend on trivial items plus the price of the transfer, my limited student budget, and the expense of my studies. Therefore, decorating was not the focus. It was hard to pick up in a location as well and feel very at home there. Especially because I’ve never been around for more than six months…

Nevertheless, regardless of the region, the short period of stay, and my restricted budget, the primary objective was to feel at home, in my cocoon. That’s why I have been constantly looking for tips on decorating. And of course, taking into account my student budget and the fact that there were different environments for each studio. I thus prevented the purchasing of voluminous furniture that did not conform to all conditions.

Good to do it yourself

Repainting old saved furniture

The first plan to set up his studio as a student is obviously to retrieve his relations’ old furniture. These are not necessarily to your taste of course.

Cappellini - Revolving Cabinet - Semainier - rouge/brillant/36x25x185cm/20 tiroirs tournants

However, if like me, you are a decorative addict, these do not fit neatly your interior. But I’ve got a solution! At a low price, repaint your furniture.

Paint cans, in fact, are relatively costly. There are several options to fix this though: buy paint samples from testers. Yes, we don’t really think about it but this alternative is incredibly ingenious. For example, you can get 30 ml of samples for less than EUR 2 in DIY stores or online!

So you can finally dust off your old furniture and modify it as you see fit, using this variant.
Furthermore, thanks to the many colors available, you can have fun easily.

The power of masking tape

This masking tape is a true revolution! Indeed, with the aid of simple pieces of colored tape, the decoration is stylish and colorful.

three brown wooden bowls

The masking tape is a completely reversible tape that, without leaving any marks on the wall, can be stuck on and off. Furthermore, it adapts to any medium, be it a wall, a wooden cabinet, metal, or even candles!

Easy, quick, effective, and inexpensive, it brings together all a student’s required features. In several types and colors, there are several designs. It is then reasonably straightforward to get it and has continued to be in vogue at a low price.

For instance, I stayed in a dwelling, definitely furnished, but freezing. From floor to ceiling, the rooms were white. Bringing personality to it was important. It is very easy to add color to walls, doors and furniture without wasting enormous amounts, thanks to masking tape.

A tailor-made table without a budget

What could be better when we are alone in a small studio or personalizing our room with portraits, wall frames, and other wall art than hanging pictures of our friends and family. They enliven our new room and personify it. Printing your pictures in large sizes or ordering new frames, though can incur costs.

The site is an online forum for photo editing. The meaning is child’s play. Upload your images to the website, then pick the filter of your choice and print them free of charge!

Finally, you may go and print them out at your school or university for those of you who do not have a printer. These are open to students in general. Nevertheless, I grant you, printers are seldom of high quality.

That’s why I printed a black and white photo using a dotted filter when I was a student. So since the initial picture was not smooth, it could easily be taken out by the printer. As they were an integral part of the theme of the frame, the imperfections did not worry at all.

A bedside table in a wine box

The suggestions for recycled furniture are in perfect sync with the tips for good plans for students. Indeed, they allow you to benefit from functional and trendy furniture at a lower cost!

So don’t hesitate to recycle any boxes and planks of wood you find. They are complimentary and can be found everywhere.
Therefore, if you have a case of wine, take it and make a bedside table for yourself. The size of this box meets every need. Indeed very big and broad, we can match all of our little mess perfectly.

I invite you to take a look at the wine box night stand piece if you are interested in the wine box bedside table. There, I created a DIY in which the tutorial is explained step by step.

Healthy tips: Save in the long run

Indeed, as I have submitted to you, I find that recovering old items here and there is more clever than investing in new furniture. There’s nothing to guarantee that they’re going to adjust to the scale of your next apartment.

In your studio, good student plans everywhere

Really, there are a lot of useful ideas for decorating your apartment when you think about it even though you just have a short time. If it’s the environment, I think it’s important to feel at home. Thus, customizing the studio as much as possible and making it functional: the objective is everything.

All is then played out in the smallest of specifics. Yep, useful tips are also coat racks and towel racks. It is easy to mount them in the shape of a suction cup, without damaging the wall. Then you can easily unhook them and put them in your bag until the move happens. They are not bulky and take up a very limited amount of room.

The dual function of the cover for the duvet

The duvet cover, a funny “major investment that you are going to tell me. Ok, now there are many benefits to this one.

Indeed, the latter adds color to your room in terms of decoration. The advantage of white walls is, therefore, instantly felt. We can juggle the contrasts with the aid of the covers and turn the studio into a scandalous or industrial theme when it suits us.

In addition, the cover is an exceptional ally for packaging delicate objects once the boxes have begun. It takes up little space in the truck because it is loose and made of cotton. Moreover when traveling, it will keep your fragile belongings from breaking.

The design and functional stool

On the other hand, always with good plans to organize his apartment in mind, the stool seems to me to be another nice solution. Indeed, the stool acclimatizes to all conditions, firstly. Furthermore, it is multifunctional: bench, bedside table, or even plant shelf, it carries different caps.

Nice tips: the rug-like carpet

With the purchase of furniture and decorative accessories, good offers do not simply end. Yeah, there’s already a piece of furniture in our studio missing.

That carpet! I love this accessory, little one. It intensifies a room’s comfort and turns it into a comfortable space instantly. This is what will make a soft, warm, and inviting atmosphere for your apartment.

Rugs are costly, however. True, there are various sizes, and hence in different price ranges. Nevertheless, I found a second solution, dreadfully original. That carpet!

Surely, you’ll profit from a discounted carpet by buying a piece of carpet. It’s really easy because of that. In the shop, buy a piece of carpet, take a pattern you want, cut a sheet-shaped rug, and voilà!

A carpet normally costs only 10 euros per square meter. So you just need a pair of scissors and a pattern to carry along. Again as you wish, you can customize your interior. Now you’re finally ready at a lower cost to set up your cozy nest!

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