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How To Trust Your Gut

I’m so happy you’re here! I really wanted to create something special for the dreamer that is done feeling lost, stuck, unsure and full of self-doubt, and living a life that is any less than the dreamy life that she knows deep down she is meant for.

How trusting your gut can make for positive living in the year ahead.

I know as a dreamer you want to be the best version of you, but you keep finding yourself up against a brick wall after brick wall in life, and stuck in not knowing

HOW to truly reach your dreams and believe in you, and feeling like no matter how hard you try to move forward in your life and get your life together in a way that would allow you to be happy, you’re not making any progress to where you want to go.

Deep down you feel ‘messy’ in who you are and in your inner world, and not good enough, worthy enough or capable enough for all your dreams!

You wonder what’s wrong with you as to why you can’t get it together and move forward, what you’re doing wrong, and whether dreams, true love, happiness, and more money is really meant for you!


A Healthy Navigation

  • To really indulge in your personal development and soul growth, and get clear on the answers you want and need to inspire self-confidence in you,
  • To allow you to get crystal clear clarity on your vision, to take charge, and ultimately and firmly decide what you’re striving for, and give yourself permission to make that leap to your dream life…
  • To be in charge of your destiny by defining, owning, and creating it, by no longer letting life happen to you!
  • To feel truly supported in you and your dreams, and the happiness that is meant for you, as I know how lonely, deeply despairing, depressing, and frustrating it can be to doubt yourself so much and feel so lost in knowing what’s truly right and meant for you!

Have your favorite cup of tea/drink….treat yourself to whatever feels good….raw chocolate…light a special scented candle

Live Positively

Elegant Strand

Following your positive feelings will determine the path you walk through life. If negativity gets the better of you ask Spirit for protection and healing.

If you find yourself triggered, upset, or frustrated with yourself by what you uncover or realize – always see feeling triggered as a positive thing as you’re uncovering and decluttering stuck unconscious emotions

By getting conscious of the pain and fear that’s been stuck inside you that is keeping you from being able to make progress in the way that you want.

Usually what triggers us most is when we see how much it’s our own self who is letting ourselves down, and how much we’re hurting ourselves by not treating us how we want to be and now we are worthy of, and completely capable of.

Elegant Strand

How it is us holding us back from the amazing things we deep down dream of, by running away from our true selves and constantly keeping ourselves distracted from being and doing what we really desire, rather than truly filling ourselves up.

Don’t be disheartened – you can’t truly move forward until you face these feelings which allows you to release them so you can elevate to your next level!

Sometimes it feels worse right on the cusp of something bigger and something better but I absolutely promise it will always get better!

stylish woman on table near sofa and stairs in cafe

There is always calm after a ‘storm’!

There is ALWAYS bliss and the exact opposite of the pain you’re currently experiencing, available to you, on the other side. Everything is always happening for you, for you to find everything you need within YOU!

Trust Your Gut

Please remember everything lies within you, the one magic pill to following your dreams, is connecting to your divinity and soul glamour within you and shining that out to the world, rather than following what anyone else told you to, the rules, other people’s judgments and beliefs and expectations.

Doing these exercises is a commitment to your self-growth, to deepening your connection to the true you! This is self-love.

Elegant Strand

To find peace and bliss in it and know that by committing to your self-growth and loving yourself you are sparking the beginning of dreams and soul-amazing for you….you can be empowered yourself!

As you trust your gut feelings, the more positive experiences you will get.

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