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How to Tame Negative Thoughts


Although you cannot eliminate negative thoughts completely, there are several ways you can use to control or tame these thoughts.


Meditation is one of the most powerful tools used to rechanneled the mind in the right direction. It helps you to connect with the present moment as well as your current feelings. Meditation restores you back to the initial object of concentration. You can practice meditation each time your mind drifts towards thinking negatively. This technique does not eliminate the negative thought; it only redirects your focus away from the thought to ensure that your mood does not get affected.

Changing Your Thought Pattern

Once you become aware of the occurrence of negative thoughts, you may try to review these into positive ones. You can start by trying to find out why such thoughts keep occurring then you can establish ways to deal with the source. You may also seek to tweak the narrative to include some positivity in it. For example, if you are worried about failing an exam, instead of thinking about it this way, you can assure yourself that you are going to try your best. This will help you to remain positive and composed during the entire examination period.

Have Positive Friends

One powerful secret of avoiding negative thoughts lies in surrounding yourself with positive thinkers. When struggling with negative thoughts, individuals who are not optimistic enough may make your mood worse since they will keep commenting negatively about your situation. If you are not able to influence the thinking of these people positively, then it is wide that you keep a distance. When you surround yourself with positive thinkers, you may get assistance in overcoming your own negative thinking. Friends and family members who are ready to support you are better than people who have the same issue as yourself.

Be Grateful

Gratitude lists play several essential roles when it comes to remaining optimistic. Have a list of the things you are grateful for and refer to these each time a foul mood begins to arise. This will steer you into a habit of concentrating on the good side of things while ignoring the bad.  Besides writing good occurrences, you may also list some good attributes about yourself. These will go a long way in boosting your self-esteem. You can keep updating on these lists every day.


These are positive sentences and phrases about yourself or others. You can keep repeating these as an assurance that things will turn out positive. Affirmations also give you the opportunity to remain active throughout the day. They assist you to focus on the good things happening, and those that are about to happen. 

Make Your Plan Flexible

Have an adjustable plan. It is true that things can get challenging at times, but when you have an adjustable plan, it is easy to fix yourself to accommodate any unexpected changes. When you start seeing challenges in your life and career negatively, you will start struggling in attaining your goals. Despite the negative challenges you face along the way, you should not allow them to deter your progress. Instead, always carve out a way out as you focus on achieving success. 

Block Any Negative Forces from Outside

Do not allow the low energy of others to affect you. If you are a negative thinker, you must be careful that you do not allow yourself to sink into depression. One thing that you must avoid in particular is the negative energy possessed by others. You can either avoid such or just learn how to cope with their negativity. If such people are family members, it becomes impossible for you to avoid them completely. Avoid engaging in any negative conversations started by such people, and in case they make negative comments about you, ignore them, and focus ahead. 

Counter the thoughts with positive visualization

How you respond to the events taking place around you determines your future behaviors. Negative responses are always evident in your emotions and reactions if you do not work towards taming them. One way of programming how to respond to challenging situations is visualization. The technique entails redirecting your thinking towards other possibilities of an occurrence instead of concentrating on the negative side of it. Instead of thinking about a negative possibility, channel your mind towards thinking of the many positive possibilities that can come about in the outcome.

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