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It can be difficult to remain on top of your home at all times and keep things tidy and orderly. You might begin to think that there is some sort of secret for women who always have a clean home.

These are all patterns, though, which they’ve acquired over the years. And we’ve found eight below that you can include in your daily cleaning schedule. So give them a try and let us know how it’s going!

  1. By making the bed, they start their day off.

Although it takes two minutes to make the bed, it can have monumental impacts on the feeling of your home and also on how you feel when you get home every day.

2. More frequently, they wash clothing

Individuals with frequently clean homes routinely wash clothes.


They do not leave clothes to wash on the weekend, but instead, they wash as soon as they have enough clothes for a load.

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3. In the right place, they hold papers

Recycled paper or deposited for future reference in the correct folder, they keep their papers arranged, managed and segregated.

4. They clean the fridge.
Sometimes, they vacuum the refrigerator. In the refrigerator, dirt and clutter may accumulate in the form of spoiled food or spillage. And sometimes, without you knowing it, your fridge may need urgent cleaning (such as meat juices draining and spilling at the bottom of your fridge).

5. Place shoes and coats in the right place

You should keep shoes inside the cabinet, not thrown around the house. And for hats, the same goes.

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A simple tip is to take off your shoes when you get home and put them in the closet. Make sure that you enforce this as a rule as well with your coats.

7. Stored things after use

Such individuals often make sure to place all things where they belong. It means that everybody can know where to look for stuff and keep the house clean and tidy by bringing things back from where they were.

8. They regularly Dust & Vacuum

They vacuum every day or as frequently as they can. If you dust and vacuum the house on a weekly basis, not only your house will be cleaner, but you’ll save time. So that you won’t have to do a big cleanup. For longer, items will remain presentable.

It may feel pretty daunting to keep the home clean and tidy, but luckily, there are great ways to make this easier. Especially when you create daily and weekly practices that will reduce on cleaning time!


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