Although few of us need to face some comforting things, in recent months, we have almost been dealing with unexpected changes in target positions, whether it is layoffs, mandatory salary reductions or leave requests, or simply drastic changes. Working procedures, with the urge to retreat to hibernation mode.

We are all thinking all day every day in a personal conversation. These thoughts, when repeated over and over eventually become our beliefs. Beliefs are hugely powerful because they shape who we are. They shape the choices we make. They are the cornerstone of how we allow our lives to unfold.

Every step until now has been a choice and our choices are decided by our beliefs. So trust me when I say your thoughts are powerful!!! Otherwise to reverse this panic, it is important to be systematic, otherwise you will feel overwhelmed-you may get a diary or buy some art supplies to make a vision board-and assign your “life list”: key list needs, Strengths, values ​​and factors that inspire you. Until you have an overall vision, you can start planning the next move.

Don’t put yourself down even in a jovial way. This leads our brains to thoughts about ourselves. The subconscious mind has no sense of humor.

  • Every joke you make, at your own expense, is becoming learned!
  • You are affirming you are stupid and your subconscious mind says… “I’m stupid then”, “I’m unworthy” “I’m small”.
  • We all make mistakes, we are all learning. None of us are perfect and we must be kind to ourselves.
  • Take out all derogatory words out of your conversation.
  • You stay empowered and your body and mind stay supple and ready to move forward and achieve.

It is important to distinguish between pragmatic and emotional concerns. You may worry about some completely constructive concerns, such as your financial situation, but the deeper fear is that you are not good enough, which will really be eliminated.

You need to figure out issues that you can reasonably control or solve, such as negotiating mortgage adjustments with banks or discussing what is a realistic return-to-work scenario, rather than losing yourself. Then, you can put some conservative energy into more imaginative thinking, in order to draw out some good possibilities from it. This is the definition of resilience-the ability to bring challenging thinking into your uncollected options.