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How To Live As Glamorous Women

glamorous women

You’re already worthy of too good to be true, there is nothing you have to prove to anyone, there is no one you need to compare yourself to anyone.

The only intention of your journey is just to enlighten yourself and do the things you like to do down deep, be the things you would love to be .

It is not because it will impress them, not because it will get their attention, not because it will make you perfect enough, not because it will make you more lovable, not because it will make you feel more worthy and sufficient.

Huntlie Silk Dress

Huntlie Silk Dress

With breezy sleeves and a ditsy floral print this midi dress feels effortlessly feminine and flattering in other words the ideal dress-to-impress option.

  • The most glamorous thing you could do is bare your soul for what she is,
  • To express your soul as she deeply is, To sensually wrap your soul in the amazing dream experience you envision for her,
  • To get so obsessed in your passion and purpose that it lights a fire within you that is your source of joy, love, abundance, and inner peace,
  • To strip your soul of the caring what other people think, of the meaning, you give others’ judgments and opinions,
  • To rupture all your limiting beliefs and thought patterns and self-sabotage that have created the reality you’re not completely happy with,
  • To style yourself with beliefs that serve you, with your inner-power, with your heart inspiration and divine guidance, and with spiritual intelligence by wearing your Rose-coloured glasses because seeing everything through the teacher of Love is everything to your inner peace and happiness,
  • Soul glamour is having no room for drama, struggle, and self-doubt.

The understanding that it’s not your job to try to be perfect and good enough, spiritually ‘correct’, divine or humble or noble in your actions…or think that who you are is wrong, selfish, crazy as a person…

  • Soul glamour isn’t worrying about being perfect, good enough… spiritual enough… divine enough…right enough in who you are as a person,
  • Soul glamour is the grace you have that who you are, how you are, is uniquely perfectly imperfect and amazing…
  • Soul glamour is making an entrance with who you deeply are, with all your biggest dreams and desires vs settling, vs playing small, vs hiding who you really are… It’s shining in, and shining out your divinity to the world,
  • Soul glamour is realizing that anything that feels too good to be true…that feels out of reach for you…that brings fears that it’s not really meant for you, is trusting you deserve too good to be true…

It’s your job to be you exactly as you are… It’s your job to believe in who you are at the soul…

It’s your job to NOT mound yourself into what you think you should be…

It’s your job to strip yourself until you get to everything you already are and be brave and courageous enough to be that and allow everyone to see that…

The Kooples - Lederjacke braun Blouson Schaffell - HERREN

The Kooples – Lederjacke braun Blouson Schaffell – HERREN

Diese braune Lederjacke verk�rpert den Vintage-Trend der Saison mit modernen, k�hnen Elementen. Das vollst�ndig mit beigem Schaffell gef�tterte Modell hat eine kurze Passform, lange �rmel, einen Rei�verschluss und Seitentaschen. Dieses Modell vereint dunkle und helle Ledereins�tze und spiegelt damit die Kreativit�t unseres Hauses wider. Die rockige Jacke l�sst sich ideal in verschiedenste Winteroutfits integrieren und beispielsweise mit einer Tweed-Hose und einen feinen Pullover kombinieren. – BRAUN – HERREN

How To Have Mental Glow Up

Because you know

  • You are enough…
  • You are worthy of making yourself happy in exactly the way you desire.
  • You’re worthy of filling your soul with your adventure…of going on me, I and I adventure with your soul,
  • Your dreams aren’t out of reach for you… You can have what you want…
  • You get to have what you want… No, any doubt…any hardness…any struggle…any what’s the points that come up are excuses to stop you from going for what you want… Are slowing you down… Are making YOU and only you give up…

Keep Yourself Straight

Your Work isn’t over. For what you want, you are meant to charge forward … and the further you get on the red carpet of your soul, life becomes easier … Life becomes nice … You get to choose what dreams and wishes, satisfaction and joy you make for yourself.

You get to have MORE, the more you commit to yourself, the more you naturally become magnetic to your desires, the more you live in your heart, the more they naturally come to you, the more you commit to not giving up, the more doubt kicks in.

  • Soul glamour is the trust for your dreams and desires manifesting no matter what,
  • Soul glamour is showing up daily no matter what for your dreams and your vision, and for your desires and doing all the work necessary,
  • Soul glamour is only being interested in luxury manifesting… Manifesting the things that will truly satisfy your soul on a deeper level (your values and divine priorities), Not things to alleviate your deeper pain, to mask your pain…to cover up how you’re truly feeling on the inside, Because you understand that’s cheap manifesting and sooner or later it will fall apart and your real deeper pain will explode out anyway,
  • Soul glamour is about not being afraid to delve into your deeper pain to the true core of it because you know that real glamour needs a solid quality foundation to build upon… Not a rocky foundation that will later need to be fixed,
The Kooples - Parka Baumwolle camelfarben gesteppt - DAMEN

The Kooples – Parka Baumwolle camelfarben gesteppt – DAMEN

Dieser lange camelfarbene Parka geh�rt als Fortsetzung unserer Activewear zu den Must-haves der Saison. Das Modell vereint die Details eines Parkas mit der angenehmen Struktur einer Daunenjacke und zeichnet sich durch eine durchgehende leichte Steppung, Seitentaschen und eine pelzbesetzte Kapuze aus. Die momentan emblematische kleine Ledertasche rundet das Design zus�tzlich ab. Verschaffen Sie sich einen eleganten Look, indem Sie diesen Parka zu einem Strickpullover, einer karierten Hose und Oxford-Schuhen tragen. – GRAU – DAMEN

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