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The young generation of kitchen culture is a classic. Built for demanding families on their way to a compromise that suits the new way of life, young couples and singles. Via purposely positioned highlights, every kitchen lives its own personality. Person, versatile and real. It begins with an extended breakfast with children for a quick snack and a big dinner in the evening. Classic – Real Life Kitchens.

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Focus on functions – kitchen style modern

Discreet, not unimpressive, however. Modest, but impossible to miss. Reserved, but not at all timid. From the first moment, you will be intrigued by several features of the modern kitchen style. Still concentrating on the functions. You need a smart kitchen that helps you if you enjoy cooking. That’s why we concentrate on smart room ideas, smart lighting solutions, and thought-out information, creating kitchen worlds that are part of everyday life.


Puristic style with hidden details

Ample storage capacity is shielded behind matte aquamarine fronts, allowing full use of the available space. The terrazzo worktop perfectly blends into the overall picture. And the ingenious LED lighting showcases the elements of the worktop and shelving perfectly.

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Appealing design

This kitchen greets you. The high-gloss, pearl-grey front surface gives it a touch of glamour. For items that need to be ready to hand, open shelving elements give plenty of space. The interplay with the worktop’s natural wood shade creates an overall image that instantly positions the kitchen as the room’s star in the limelight.


Back to the basics – classic ART

The trend in modern kitchen design is handleless kitchens. The sleek fronts are without knobs or handles, offering a “cast-in-one-piece” look to the kitchen. As they were already very common way back in the 1960s, handleless kitchens are no novelty. But it’s like fashion: things that have been tried and tested remain famous. Just in a much more trendy layout and with more advanced technologies. Häcker also provides the corresponding kitchen solutions with their classicART range. You have the option between push-to-open and sensomatic technology – with a quick touch of a finger, the drawer and pull-outs are opened.

Toronto black oak

The ultimate classic

Classy black meets carefree white in this kitchen. The black and white interplay is reminiscent of fashion icon Coco Chanel, who found the ideal mix of timeless beauty and style consciousness to be black & white. In addition, the kitchen in Toronto provides plenty of storage space to fit all the items in the kitchen you need. The limited differences between the different cabinets and pull-outs add to the visual unity of the various colored surfaces.

Röshults - Open Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen with 3 Coal Grills - anthracite/HxWxD 93x150x50cm

Röshults – Open Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen with 3 Coal Grills – anthracite/HxWxD 93x150x50cm

The Open Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen with 3 Coal Grills was designed by Broberg and Ridderstöle for the manufacturer Röshults. Röshults is a prestigious brand for outdoor kitchen, furniture, and accessories based in Sweden. This brand stands out for furniture and accessories that exhibit contemporary style and technology. The collection is elegant and vast, bringing diversity as well as versatility. The high-quality craftsmanship in natural raw materials culminates in beautiful, timeless products that define outdoor living spaces. The firm engages designers with excellent and dynamic expertise to enhance innovation and sustain uniqueness.Broberg and Ridderstöle hail from Sweden and the partner in design and architecture. They are gurus of kitchen designs who have influenced the latest designs at restaurants. The artistry of the duo has been recognised and adapted in London, Japan and the US. Open Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen with 3 Coal Grills is made of stainless steel. It has a modern look and it is highly efficient when in use. It is 150 cm in width, 93 cm in height, and 50 cm in depth.

A dream in black and white

The Granada kitchen’s open architecture invites you to stay. On the marbled worktop, the island solution provides additional space for cutting, frying and braising. Open shelving features bring a touch of lightness to the kitchen and perfectly harmonize with the panel fronts. Granada is an open and authentic country-house style kitchen with modern elegance. The wood-finished overhead table sets a spotlight and seats two people comfortably for a simple breakfast or a refreshing drink.

Cottage-style in the city – Modern country

A fresh understanding of the country’s modern style. To the countryside, our New Country kitchen line takes you away. A world of cosy kitchen comfort is created by delicate pastel shades, natural materials and frisky patterns. The panels, sash bar windows, decorated cornice profiles and rustic handles complement this theme. This makes the whole family the ideal refuge, a place where you can feel at home.

Wayfair DE

Country look at its best

A visual highlight is the Bristol kitchen with velvety blue fronts – remarkable due to the dramatic contrast between dark blue tones and light wood. In a beautiful oak wood shade, the worktops welcome nature into the room. The wall unit’s glazed fronts purposefully give a peek into the cupboards’ interior. The fun effect of the light reflected in the glass brings an open and welcoming atmosphere to the kitchen.

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