We like the appearance of the stylized coffee table, which can add a touch of touch to your living room. When you think of a coffee table as more than just a surface for a drink and a book or two, you can create a stylish decoration for the decoration. When styling a coffee table, you need to keep functionality in mind.

Exquisite display of books and accessories is great, but make sure you leave room for some essentials (such as coasters and space for snacks and drinks). Once you have assessed how to actually use the coffee table, you can draw inspiration from the clever design inspiration of top interior designers:

Coffee Table Styling Made Simple

Glass immediately adds a sense of sophistication to the vignette. A glass bell or this collection of traditional bell jars of different heights can hold everything from greens and flowers to sculptures and collectibles. Display them on the tray, in a planned grouping form.

Coffee table should be functional, so when you plan to place centerpieces or decorative patterns, please leave enough space for guests to put down drinks during the entertainment. Use 1/3 of the total length/diameter of the table as the approximate space required to design the center frame.

The successful fusion of colors, textures and various heights brings the core elements of the coffee table to the next level. Books, vases, green and metal elements that are carefully designed in a tightly integrated way can create a perfectly balanced decorative pattern worthy of magazine use. Repeat your wall color, sofa color or color from nearby artwork on your coffee table. This makes all important aesthetic connections possible and creates a repetition of colors.

Seasonal change of coffee table decoration pattern. This will save you from boredom and help you celebrate the season without having to wait for the holidays in December. Due to the upcoming fall, consider replacing the standard “pine cone basket” with silver pumpkins and autumn flower arrangements in silver vases. Accept new ideas.

Depending on the situation, clustering small tables may be the best solution. “I like to use all kinds of objects on the table. The box is very suitable for storing the remote control. Books can add a bit of fun and tell your interest stories. Even a few pieces of artwork glass or sculptures can be added with various colors and proportions. Eye-catching. My general rule of thumb is to use an odd number of sets, so you will often see it in my 3, 5, or 7 working groups. It always seems more harmonious.”

Keep Your Coffee Table Style Simple

“I like to keep the coffee table very simple without causing a lot of confusion, so I usually only use one or two books (different sizes and stacked on top of each other) and flowers, or a bunch of design magazines and small decorations as styles. I also I want to change the proportion of each item to increase the visual interest of the table. Organizing some items in a larger tray can make the coffee table simple and tidy.”

Styling Your Coffee Table With Meaning

Choose a beautiful, unique box to store less beautiful items, such as remote controls, candle matches or lighters, coasters, etc. Choose from eight to ten of the most exquisite large hardcover coffee table books that you have always liked.


Coffee Coffee Table by newburydesigns

Add your favorite scented candle to the glass hurricane vase. Show vivid things, such as simple flowers or dense green leaves. When arranging these items on the table, make sure to consider size and proportions.

For example, stack the largest books on the bottom and stack the smallest books on the top. “Finally, make sure to add something that explains your story.


Coffee Coffee Table by zeljkica

Collected things or things that are of great significance to you, such as a bowl of rocks that you and your grandfather collected during a walk in the countryside, or feathered ones found on outdoor trips.”

Think Outside the Box When Styling Your Coffee Table

“As the core, we like to use unique coffee tables that represent the power of the entire family. We created custom tables using steel, wood or glass to create these universal and usable tables. In order to bring natural style to your coffee table, Justin brought inspiration from outside.

“For example, for a beach house, we like to bring in polished driftwood and place it on a small shelf. For an urban house, we like to bring a miniature modern sculpture. In a casual mountain resort or wine region In the house, we always try to find unique artworks that represent its outdoor environment and culture.”

These tips should make styling your coffee table much less of a mystery. Let us know how you style yours in the comments!

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