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A celebrity got booted out of a reality TV show because somebody found something she said on her twitter feed when she was sixteen years old. Public figures lose their careers over stuff like this. Had they been aware that they were a brand, they may have acted differently.

Personally, I think it’s crazy to hold somebody accountable for something they once said or thought, because it implies that you cannot change your mind and that you must know everything there is to know the moment you enter a discussion, regardless of your age and world experience.

546 cm x 546 cm Gartenhaus Almelo Carlsson

A strong woman looked a challenge in the eyes and give its a wink.


A better way of doing things would be to ask a person if they still hold those views. You and I know this, and I suspect almost everyone knows that too, and it’s not going to save your work, and that’s not going to stop that huge juicy sponsor from dropping you off in the flaky world we’re living in right now.

With this madness in mind, be mindful of what you say and do, and make sure it is compatible with-and true to-your brand if you want to mitigate this kind of drama.

518,2 cm x 518,2 cm Gartenhaus Wolff Finnhaus

You are more powerful than you know ; you are beautiful just as you are.


If your angle is Miss Goody Two Shoes and you teach teens how to make-up, then those holiday pics that flip from your middle finger will stun parents to see your subscriber count hit. It’s tempting, as you expand your brand, to share your thoughts and other aspects of your life with your followers.

But if your followers can’t connect with you, your content will move one direction and it can be difficult to measure if your audience is able to approach you.

Let me give you an example:

He said he had tired of obtaining tips on e-mail productivity (his angle is tech) and began a vlog of his interests, I watched the baby-boomer with half a million sub-builders. It was nice to display more of his personality, he figured.

But to his astonishments, followers were simply complaining and saying they were for the technology tips, and longstanding subscribers were there.

Your audience may be more forgiving – your topic will have a lot to do with that. In the tech space, vlogs that tend to do well are very focused on a topic. It’s what the audience expects. In the gossip space, however, vloggers usually share the dramas in their life. Their subscribers opted in to be a part of that journey, so it’s what they expect.

Some influencers say bringing your personality into the mix is key and others say it’s better to keep things separate. There are no rules set in stone.

The only thing that matters at the end of the day is what your audience thinks. There are always exceptions to the rule, of course. I’ve never been a gamer, so I never did see PewdiePie’s rise to stardom. Yet someone with a thousand followers doesn’t miss the attention of a non-gamer for a long time.

He has gone from playing and reading games to learning about all kind of stuff. I watched (and enjoyed) a few videos, He obviously had an growing audience with him. Or maybe many have left him, but some have joined him. The point is that the content of today differs greatly, and it is on the same site.

Focus, Prioritizing and Workflow

Unlike entrepreneurs, we don’t have a team to develop and execute our ideas. We’re the ones doing all the work, and that is a huge time cost. To make the most out of our time, we need to use it wisely, and that means doing the thing that matters most and ignoring everything else.

Pavillon Kangley aus Stahl und Kunststoff Garten Living Paneelmaterial: Tablett, Gr��e: 297,2 cm H x 338 cm B x 338 cm T

Put simply: stick to one damn thing. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find this very difficult. When you’re feeling creative, your mind doesn’t spit out neatly organized ideas. Instead, it churns out idea after idea on just about anything you can think of.

Everything can seem like a great idea, and the temptation to chase after each idea can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, if we want to succeed, we have to get really focused, and that means narrowing down and ignoring the majority of those ideas.

The truth is that I get a lot of stuff done and always have done. It’s just that I tend to work on four or five things at once, so progress is infuriatingly slow.

My logic is that the tide floats all boats, so when all my little projects begin to work, the rewards come back in massive waves. But this is not a practical way to work.

If you work on one thing only, then the rewards will be smaller but they will come sooner, buying you time and giving you confidence, momentum, and cash flow to throw yourself at the next thing. I used to divide my weekdays into ‘one day per business’.

But this doesn’t work well either. You lose momentum in each project and end up wasting time at the start of each day catching up to where you left off the previous time. If anything, it makes you realize how little time there actually is to get stuff done.

What I now do is to focus on one thing for twelve weeks.

This is hard when you have many interests and projects because you’re essentially sacrificing one baby to be with another. Invariably, your other projects also take a hit in terms of momentum.

Let me say you would be forced to share your time if you have to work a job to keep money coming in. It is important that you try, or as little as possible, to limit your projects so that you can scrap as much as possible for the few hours you can spend together.

An ideal way to move forward is to start one project and see it through to completion before starting another. Map out each of the things that you need to get done in the project, and then prioritize them into a list, but be prepared to revise your plan daily and don’t be afraid to switch the order of the tasks as and when circumstances demand it.

488 x 488 cm Gartenhaus Blockholm Wolff Finnhaus

Once you decide what you need to work on as a priority, it’s time to commit. Years ago, I made a commitment to generate income online. I threw out the television set. I’m serious. It was an old TV, so I didn’t suffer over it. I used all my evenings and weekends to consume content, study courses, and read books. If I could extract one idea from one entire training, then it was worth it.

In hindsight, I don’t think one needs to be so ruthless about things. Watching a TV series or a documentary creates a distraction and refreshes your mind. You often feel more productive and even revitalized when you return to your work.

595 cm X 800 cm Gartenhaus Gueye Garten Living Dach: Biberschwanz Schwarz

There is a time cost, yes, but you have to weigh that up against maintaining a healthy state and feeling refreshed. Finding the right balance is the key, but to give you a guideline, every time you feel in a rut, switch off and go do something completely different. Sometimes a break is good. If you want to reduce time wastage during watch-time, then do what I do and don’t watch TV.

Subscribe instead to a streaming service and see what you want to look at, when you want to see it, without having to advertise. Many successful people recommend a full day or two a week to refresh their batteries. I know it’s easier for people who don’t have cash flow problems to tell, but even you need to be optimally able to perform. In years, I have not personally taken a whole day off.

When I worked multiple jobs, I used every spare minute to work on my projects, until I burned out. Then I would reduce my hours and finish at 8 pm so I could unplug and watch a series online. I’d get hooked on the series and binge-watch three or four episodes per night, so the ‘early finishes’ would last about a week, then I would be back to my full-time schedule. I still do this. Don’t get me wrong: I look forward to one day taking time off, I really do.

I don’t want to say idiotic things like ‘I love what I do, therefore it doesn’t feel like work,’ because the point of taking time off is not to steal time from your projects, it’s to give you time in other areas of life that you’re missing out on.

Whatever approach you take, just make sure that when it comes to working on your project you become ruthless with your time. I pick up to three things that I want to do in one day and then I get to it. I work on a task and don’t stop until it’s done. I’ve tried various popular ideas, including taking breaks every twenty minutes, and every half hour, etc. To me, those mini-breaks are disruptions to my flow.

After much debating, I reverted to the way I feel comfortable working: I focus on a task and go at it until it’s complete. That’s not always possible to do, but that’s what I aim for. I’m aware that sitting down for long periods is detrimental to health, and I have tried working from a makeshift standing workstation, but that didn’t last long. To me, standing up for long periods of time is as bad as sitting down for long periods of time.

Mini breaks would solve this, of course, but I tend not to take them. Everybody has an opinion on this issue and many have programs to sell you on the subject. But since there are varying opinions, I’ll stick with what’s working for me right now and I suggest you go with what you feel works and is healthiest.

When it comes to focus, there are more programs you can buy about that (I see a pattern). I use music to immerse myself in a task – usually music without vocals because those become a distraction.

* * My recommendation: here I mention multiple garden house, its ready-made look cute and stable you can use as your home office focuses on your job or time alone without disturbing.

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