When upgrading a house, start with inspirational ideas to improve the appearance of the house as well as make it more comfortable.

Not only do home decor stores offer product ideas, but they also allow you to see numerous interior design styles and complete rooms so that you can envision the perfect space. Many free home decoration catalogues can be sent to your mailbox directly … Some of our favourites are here.

Free home decor catalog for inspiration

Here are some free home decoration catalogs where you will find excellent interior design and decoration ideas.

  1. Nordic Nest

The catalog features its famous high-quality decoration and furniture collections. These unique designs include furniture and household items, decorations and children’s room items.

Modern and contemporary styles will provide you with great ideas to keep up with popular design trends

2. Butlers

Modern furniture provided by Butlers can add a sense of style to your space without spending a lot of money. Butlers are known as the prototype family brand.

It has collaborated with many designers to bring fashionable lines to any home. Many of us hope that the new catalog will come out every August or September.

The catalog contains inspiring styles and furniture ideas in its iconic Scandinavian style to meet your unique needs and budget.

3. Dekoria

Dekoria offers a series of interesting indoor furniture, regional carpets and outdoor and wall decorations, and has a modern design style suitable for most tastes. They emphasize design trends as farmhouse, urban modern and shabby chic.

4. Made

If you’re looking to find inspirational home décor catalogs on the Internet, Made offers a wide variety of home decoration product lines, bedroom lines, bathroom lines and outdoor areas.

Made is known for its high-end charm, stylish and simple interior.

5. Bettkonzept

Bettkonzept is mainly known for selling high-quality bedsheets, including bedsheets, pillowcases and duvets. These items have been carefully crafted to make your home more comfortable and inviting.

The distinctive architecture and unlimited color palette help to add character to your home. Furniture and decorations are displayed in the catalog, so you can learn how to bring them together.

6. Möbel Höffner

Möbel Höffner can help you be creative and influence your interior decoration in European style. A wide range of products have different styles from old to modern. The catalog provides suggestions on how to integrate their home furnishings to achieve the desired appearance.

7. AmbienteDirect

If you are looking for a home decoration catalog online that can inspire you to create a luxurious space, Ambiente Direct can meet your needs. The company is known for blending industry and luxury, which is a factor that sets it apart from other luxury brands and can help you create harmony between architecture, furniture and decoration.

Join their newsletter, they give you access to many new ideas, which you can try as you upgrade your space.

There are many benefits to viewing unique furniture and design styles in the home decor catalog. Sometimes, you just want to shrink, and occasionally check the physical store. When looking for the best free home decoration catalogs, you should consider those that match your taste and preferences.