Real women stand firm; are resilient in the face of adversity; honor their strengths; non judgmentally address their weaknesses, ups, and downs; and possess a fearless, unshakable sense of self. I’m so passionate about this that I’ve gathered some of the most powerful women I know from all corridors—from the arts and property industries and more—to have their say on what compels them to stand in their truth and what fuels their self-appreciation, purpose, and strength.

I penned Empowering Woman in Craftsmanship because I want every woman to own her life and master her distinction with the kind of panache that sustains her in every way imaginable.

Like you, I love it when someone comes to the table with the kind of solution-oriented information that works in my day-to-day, so whether you’re standing in front of the mirror trying to figure out a great “five-minute face” or wondering how to pick the most sensuous lingerie (that also supports your assets!), I’ve got you covered.

Personal style is constructed by all of the stories that make us who we are. The Wanderlust Guide to the World.

Hand picked by a handful of close friends, the posts here summarise our experiences from budget friendly destinations to luxury spots.

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