Welcome to my practical miscellany of cleaning and lifestyle tips that will help you reduce your hazardous chemical footprint on your body, your home and the world without breaking the budget.

We are not anti-chemical, but about balance. Everything is made of chemicals. Whenever possible, how to use organic, avoid the known/possible risks and make educated, affordable choices.

There’s more to avoiding the nastier lurking in the products we regularly use for cleaning, laundering and ‘refreshing’ the air than looking at the labels. Consumer information is shockingly vague.

Until recently manufacturers were under no obligation at all to reveal what was in their products, often citing trade secrets. Things are changing, but very slowly. Certain issues, like the widespread use of toxic, banned, flame retardants which pollute our homes and poison the air when fires do occur, are still very much in the news in 2020.

My Purpose

It’s not about minimalism and certainly not about achieving the beauty of the show-home-style. If all you needed was within easy reach, imagine how much simpler your hectic days could be if your clothes were neatly arranged in a way that it was a joy to choose what to wear and your paperwork was packed so conveniently that filing was fast and easy.

Picture yourself going home to a relaxing room and not harm you where there is a spot for all. Your home should work for you, not against you; it should lower your levels of stress and anxiety, not send them up high in the sky.

For our readers

You should spend your time making fresh memories and on the important things in life, not trying to find out how to store old ones.
Your life changes when you alter the way you look at your things. You are starting to value your time & money over possessions. And the advantage of planning & having a safe home is infinite.

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