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For Moomins fan is like a dream come true because it creates fantasies and connects to our childhood more than anything else. There is no age limit with the Moomins. To me, the Moomins stories all about accepting different people around you, loving nature, taking care of each other, having wonderful adventures, loving each other, and so on.

Moominvalley’s much-loved world and its rich collection of characters have captured both the imagination and the hearts of generations of children and adults.

Moomin & boat Geschirrtuch 35 x 50cm

The Moomin way of life I find very interesting. Inspiring is the concept of being free, living in the moment and caring for each other. Life is still full of adventures in the Moominvalley, but the adventures are not just the things that happen to the Moomins, they’re the way they think and feel about life.

Big Moomin Geschirrtuch

The Moomins tend to play games together or by themselves and also in their minds at all times. They’re not all the young people of Moominvalley, they’re all characters.

Moominmamma has a lot to do with this, I suppose. Even in the spooky theatre in the midst of a flood or when the comet is threatening the entire valley, she has the capacity to keep everybody feeling safe and home.

We learn by playing, but learning also implies that when practicing new craft skills, we often screw up something or make a terrible mess in the living room. To do that, we need to feel safe. When we feel secure, innovation and imagination thrive, and that’s what we need to learn to create for ourselves but more importantly, as Moominmamma does, for those around us.

Black Friday

I think Moomimamma is good at looking through the eyes of others, and that’s how Moominmamma, or someone like her, may just be able to understand when you need a nice expression, a warm embrace, or a coffee cup. For me, those are the days when I creep in like The Groke (usually when I wake up on Mondays or when I want to eat spruce needles in the darkest days of autumn, go to sleep and wake up in the spring the next time).


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