Tell a story

It is always wise to have a theme or a story in mind, be it nature, collectables, or nostalgic memorabilia.

interior of cozy room at home

Varying heights

Make sure you have a selection of objects of various heights, otherwise your display will simply look far too uniform.

interior of cozy room with potted flowers

Mixed media

Mix up textures such as wood with glass or paper with handmade pottery. This approach always draws the eye as it looks so tactile. If you want to put up shelves, consider using recycled or reclaimed wood, which give lovely texture and individuality.

houseplants and buddha busts placed on shelves in souvenir shop

Use the wall

I like to hang a photograph or painting behind the shelf to give extra height and a backdrop to a display.
Stay off-center This is a very important principle: start with your largest item and place it off-center, arranging the other objects around it. Trust me, this works!

framed photo lot

Layers, layers, layers

Start with the largest objects at the back and the smallest at the front, and slightly vary how you position things as you work along the shelf. Keep experimenting until your display looks balanced.

Curate a gallery of images

Create your very own gallery by displaying art or photographs in abundance on slender shelves with a ridge that helps to support them.

abstract art art gallery artwork

Get creative with color

Color can be added successfully to your home without taking the plunge and painting a wall. I’ve been collecting green objects for displaying in my otherwise monochrome kitchen and they really add interest.

Play with proportions

Scale is something I feel strongly about, and I am not afraid to put large or oversized shelves or units into a small space. It actually does the opposite of what you might expect, opening up the space and giving generous proportions. Above all, have fun and enjoy your #shelfie journey.

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