We have discussed with professional organizers, interior designers, and organizational psychologists how to make your home feel more spacious. Before you begin, consider the spaces that make you feel calm and how they are arranged. Shalae Price, a professional organizer, cites hotel rooms as an example. “Most hotel rooms feel much larger than the actual design. The furniture placement is well-thought-out and the decoration (in most cases) will be considered minimalist. .”

1. Declutter, declutter, declutter

Tidying up is the obvious first step to clear space. Walk from room to room, pack things, clean out random paper or cardboard boxes, and collect little things that don’t have a home. If an item is not for decoration and is not used frequently, please consider storing it in an invisible place, or if your local donation center is still operating, you should donate the item. Any good minimalist will tell you that free surface space makes you more free. This is also the first thing when we become lazy and walk around. Unused surfaces (tables, tables, counters) will make the room feel bigger. “


Droplet Plastic Basket Rebrilliant

2. Clear the floors and the walls

The floor is not a storage space, but we often create piles in the corners, which will grow and expand over time. These accumulations are often late decisions, because the items do not have a home, so they are left on the floor.


Every Day Heroes – Mop Champion Round Floor Pillow – x 26″ by stchiv

When these piles encroach on our living space, we feel stressful. Our actual living space is shrinking. Resolving these accumulations and freeing up floor space will immediately create a brighter space. According to our experience, if you have not seen these items for a long time, they are usually items that can be released.

3. Store smartly

Unleash creativity through storage methods, and be stricter on the storage methods selected. You can keep it simple by folding the blanket into the chest or basket, preparing a dedicated basket for pet toys and hanging photos instead of putting them on the furniture.

Multi-functional furniture that can double as storage is a good way to optimize space. Seats, coffee tables and soft stools with hidden storage cabinets can help keep blankets, movies, games or furniture and floors cluttered. You can also install floating shelves to extend the length of the wall and store items away from the ground.

4. Mirrors are magic

A big mirror is a must. You want to reflect back to the room and give a illusion that you have more space. ” The mirror will reflect more light, give people a sense of movement, and visually expand the size of your space. You can use floor mirrors, mirrored closet doors or hang smaller mirrors on the wall.

5. Be deliberate with your decor

Decorate your space deliberately and don’t worry about dead ends. A pile of small things scattered around is more like chaos than some larger statements. Choose one room at a time, then look at the walls and surfaces. Do you really like everything you see? Delete items you don’t like, and of course, keep items that make sense to you or define your style.

Focus the decoration in a few spaces (such as accent walls) instead of spreading across the entire space. Keeping some surfaces and walls open will visually elongate the room.

6. Keep the furniture low

If you can afford to buy new furniture, keep it low. Usually lower furniture can make an area feel larger, simply because it leaves more open space above. This also applies to the leg type of furniture. Compared with large furniture placed directly on the floor, open or rear-mounted legs will show more space and look like they are floating. Newell suggested: “Lower the arms and back of chairs and sofas, even the legs on the sofa are important. Add upholstered seats. There is no large floating furniture in the middle of the room.” She also recommends that you don’t use meals When using a chair, you can push it completely under the table for storage.

7. Utilize lighting

Lighting is a simple and powerful tool that can completely change the room. Illuminating dark corners and having multiple light sources around the room will create space. “Spread your lights. It may be more cost-effective to use a single headlight in the center of the room, but this is a sure way to make everything look smaller.

Use 2 or 3 ambient lights around your space to create Atmosphere. In fact, by spreading lights, you can also extend the entire room metaphorically.”

Now is the best time to rearrange the space. Use what you have at home, order online and minimize the number of trips. You can also use this time to prepare and plan larger projects to prepare when to open a store, and it is recommended that you go out again.

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