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Keep toxic out of your house by decluttering

Clothes mountains, magazine stacks, jacket or cable chaos? Practical ideas against the typical troublemakers

In almost every apartment, the endless mountain of clothes on the chair in the bedroom, the confusion in the hallway or the cable salad under the desk- construction sites are open. The usual suspects can be found here. Plus thoughts about how, once and for all, to eliminate them.

1. Home office: Away with the paper stacks!

Do you work in your home office and think paper stacks are an inevitable evil? We haven’t! Not only does an empty desk leave a clean impression, the free space also encourages the start of work.

The solution: closed storage space in the studio is what you need. While you can just as uninhibitedly stack the papers behind cupboard doors, this occurs at least outside your field of view and does not impact your everyday work. In directories and a shelf, documents that need to be at your fingertips can be found. A research as orderly as that of Delife is designed by the interior designer of your confidence.

2. Site cables and devices: Made cable tangle and fabric rodents!

Knotted cables that end in several outlets, headphones, charging plugs, iPad and co. that fly around everywhere and that you are always searching for, whether under the desk or concealed behind the TV. This isn’t cool! And where cables lie open, without any time, cuddly rodents often gather.

The solution: portable speakers, charging stations or even luminaires – thanks to the new technology, many cables are superfluous. For the desk, cable boxes often assist. Build a targeted location (!) where cell phones and cables are kept. This Delife joinery drawer solution not only lets the electronics vanish, but charges them at the same time as well. An electrician in your region offers skilled assistance in the event of especially persistent problems.

3. Bedroom: Never again laundry mountains!

Does your bedroom have such a “chair of horror” A chair on which many clothes are still piled and thus the most tidy bedroom is therefore tarnished?
The solution: mountains of clothes have a lot to do with discipline, of course, but also with storage space in your cupboards that is practically accessible and sufficiently high. The most successful cure for this: weeding out!
We suggest another trick as a quick help: substitute the chair for a silent servant or add one to your bedroom, which provides much less space for clothing stacks and thus does not cause it to be produced in the first place.

4. Entryway: End the jacket chaos!

A few coat hooks screwed to the wall on which jackets and coats are piled, especially in the winter season, are limited to their furnishings in the hallway? It doesn’t look good, that. The corridor is your home or apartment’s business card. It’s gotta be tidy.
The solution: Only with plenty of enclosed storage space can a tidy impression be achieved. Also in short corridors, narrow shoe cabinets can still be found. Practical with this custom-made Delife solution: wet jackets and standard jackets hang open on (please, send) ironing.

5. Kitchen sink: Beauty cure for rinse and co.!

The lower legs cleaning the brush in earth tones, the dishwashing agent in hideous plastic bottles or other cleaning utensils that scatter around the sink disperse an unpleasant and slightly muddy atmosphere, no matter how much it flashes and shines. The chic island kitchen easily loses its shine in daily life:

The solution: You either let it all vanish under the sink. Or you can invest in beautiful cleaning utensils that match the kitchen color. The dishwashing cleaner is bottled in a lovely tube, fresh dish towels and clay rags in clay, all looks much friendlier with a wooden dish brush. And do not neglect to frequently change the sponge and brush.

6. Living room: Away with the magazine stack
There are still many lovers of daily newspapers made of rustling paper and glossy magazines, amid all the digitization. Schwuppdiwupp spread piles of it all over the floor of the living room, tables, and shelves. Again, you should throw much of it away (preferably go through the stack once a week). Never again would they scroll through it anyway.

The solution: you should place your favorite editions next to the sofa in either a magazine stand, basket or an old wine case. In the guest cloister, Style Alchemy transforms it into a wall decoration. The more elegant the covers, the more elegant the result: Vogue, Mare, Wallpaper or, for the intelligent touch, The New Yorker will certainly impress.

7. Bath rack: All the bowls and vials…

Around the drain, chaos? In the morning, you’ll certainly be in a bad mood. Especially: Cleaning the bathroom is more boring and time-consuming when the bathroom surfaces are complete.

The solution: Old mates, such as a mirror cabinet or a cupboard under the sink. There, everything disappears, from day cream to cotton pads and body lotion to powder brushes. The cabinet solutions have been updated and are very common because they are functional again. They are available in the bathroom outfitter, in several styles, variants and sizes.

What does it look like on your permanent building site? Share your photos with us or tell us how your building sites have been successfully eliminated.

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