“What differentiates the value of these products to customers is the sophistication of the features that a mainstay of luxurious homes for centuries.”

A dressing space, after all, offers you a morning pit stop where you can prepare for the day ahead; look great somewhere to play and change yourself before those unforgettable evenings; and a relaxation at night to perform your favorite beauty rituals. The best thing about this girls-only field, however, is that it’s your space and nobody else’s space. It’s one of the few nooks of the house that only yourself can appreciate, allowing you free rein to exhibit your personal style.

Elegance, serenity, and style are the feelings that any sort of dressing room should bring to the mind if you tend to traditional or modern home decor. You can escape a feel-good mood, inspiring design choices in order for a beautiful home by putting yourself in sophisticated environments.

What does it take to build the ideal room for dressing? A quality dressing table, a comfortable seat, good lighting, a mirror and all the important accessories are just five main elements. These are the building blocks of a lovely dressing room and will guarantee you a dream set-up for upcoming years only when you can find designer pieces with a timeless allure.


Dressing Room

While most of a dressing area’s basic ingredients have to work together the table is without a doubt the most important element.

Sleek and glossy designs of furniture are a fail-safe choice to create an impression, while curved silhouettes are ideal for instilling a feminine feeling.

LouisPhillipe Collection G02102-D 57

Light-hued woods can also achieve a ladylike look, but more masculine darker woods can add depth and contrast to beautiful space schemes. Whichever table type you choose always checks for consistency.

To make sure the piece offers a long lifetime, look for designs with exquisite hardware, elegant linings, and adequate storage.


We like to have comfortable seating when we have made over time, am I right? It is important to find a seating solution that not only looks great but also provides a comfortable foundation.

13018 Tubby Ottoman

For dressing areas, the ottoman is a common alternative, as they can be neatly stored away.

Most pleasant features are models that are beautiful just the way that has a padded bench with soft upholstery. Chairs with backrests are a better option if you’re looking for a bit more comfort.

Using delicate silhouettes without arms or sloping sides that, not in use, could be slipped under the table.

Button-tufted designs fit wonderfully with cabriolet legs and patterned upholstery, as do French Regency-inspired models.
Utilizing delicate silhouettes without arms or sloping sides that, when not used, can be slipped under the table.


Without a highlight mirror, a closet is not full. Note that size and place are all-bigger is better, as this makes it easy and pleasant to get ready.

Oversized wall mirrors are the best hanging above the dressing table, while full-length mirrors provide a stunning backdrop and encourage you to double-check from head to toe that you feel your best.

It is also useful to have a magnifying cosmetics mirror on your tabletop display for a close-up product application.

Don’t forget to keep your mirror fixed before you have your table and seat in order to make sure it’s for you at the right height.


11616/2 Utica 2 Light Vanity in Satin Brass with Opal White

An integral part of a good dressing room is great lighting. The ideal is a real but pleasing light.

Make sure you take advantage of the natural light in your room by putting your dressing table near a window or French doors, if possible, before making a decision which model of lighting to go for.

Avoid bright light from above and below, as this produces shadows that can impact the application of make-up.

The desired uniformly spread light is cast by wall sconces, an effect that can also be achieved by placing table lamps at either end of your vanity unit.


The perfect way to give your dressing table an update is an exquisite range of accessories. Jewellery boxes, ring catchers, cosmetic jars and perfume bottles make practical and charming additions that allow you to have all your trinkets and pieces on hand.

A personal touch is added by candles, picture frames, and a beautiful vase filled with your favourite flowers. Don’t forget that what’s important is not just the choice of accessories, but how you show them.

To build a visually beautiful show, use items of different heights and textures, and look for beautiful trays to hold smaller accents in a tidy arrangement.

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