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19 things I have learned after I turned 35

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1. Do not spend too much time battling a loved one.


Even though you may be right and you had every right to be mad at somebody, trust me, you should have done better things in the same amount of time. Fighting with a loved one is a waste of time. Never be bitter because of something. And if you’re in a debate and you know that you’re right and that they’re most likely wrong, just swallow your pride, smile and keep living your life.
When you are giving in, you’re not a pushover or frail. Only remembering that there are better things to do than proving that you are a smart ass.

2. Never forget to say you love people.

People tend to forget about what they mean to you and life is short, even though it’s the longest thing you’ll ever do. Do not ever leave anyone sad, because that could be the last time you’ve ever seen them.

3. No one ever felt guilty for saying they like someone: Step up and tell them!

That sounds like number two, huh? Incorrect. This is about the lovey-dovey way to like yourself. I was once asked recently of mine if I ever felt guilty for telling people that I liked them in that special way. I’ve not been. I was never sorry. And it’s time to follow my advice on your own.

4. Enjoy life’s little stuff.

People don’t really know how lovely the world around them is. People instantly love the small things in life, don’t wait for something terrible to happen and enjoy it anyway, usually after life-threatening circumstances. You always love it all. Walk in the shower, feel the raindrops on your skin, catch your tongue with the snowflakes, and smell the new grass fragrance. Become the dreamy person who’s been looking out the windows for hours and loving the world around you. In everybody and all, search for beauty and fall in love with the world and with human beings.

5. Daily reading has never affected anybody.

I hear my friends sometimes say they no longer have time to learn. Only read for 30 minutes before going to sleep. It’s not much, but all the latest social trends keep you up to date.


6. It is a wonderful idea to be a member of a club, a community or voluntary work.

I don’t have social anxieties anymore. I walk up to strangers, talk to them and make new friends and acquaintances with them.

7. You’re never too old for a new thing to experience.

I count myself an intelligence proponent. Intelligence is not determined by what school you are going to or how good your grades are, intelligence is learning new things and being open to them. My father has never taught me how to cook, but right now I’m learning how to cook. These talents also can assist you in life, and it’s never too late to learn a new language only because you like the sound of it. We are all inhabitants of this planet, in my definition, and there are so many cultures to be learned about. Learning is entertaining.

8. Overcome the anxieties!

After that comment, I can not put in enough exclamation marks. I’m overcoming my fear of speaking publicly or talking to people in general, and I feel better with every step along the way. My fear of high places, German shepherds and horses is next on my list. If you are held back by those doubts, make sure you overcome them by doing something drastic. It’s helpful, actually. Don’t let you regulate fear.

9. Time is limit: Spend wisely.

This life lesson shadows “Don’t cancel dinner plans by phone” all over. It’s simply not worth it. If you like the time you’ve wasted, you just haven’t wasted it yet. Take enough ‘me-time’ to celebrate little things and enjoy the living out of it with friends.

10. The master of your own body is you.


Every imperfection, every freckle, every scar, every stretch mark, because it’s yours, learn to love your own body. Don’t feel insecure if your body doesn’t follow society’s laws. They’re all gorgeous. And if your body does not make you happy, find a way to become happy. I’m beginning to lose weight this week, not for society, not for everyone but for me. I want to make my body capable of the stuff I have in mind.

11. It’s worthwhile to support another human being.

If it’s standing up for someone being bullied, or standing up from your seat so that someone else can sit down, or helping an older woman cross the street, all these little things can make a huge difference to someone else. Never be scared of helping. The worst that could happen is that because you stand up for something, they don’t want to be helped or you get a few knocks. Speak up for yourself and around you for others.

12. Smiling at neighbors, colleague.

Saying ‘hi’ or simply smiling might make someone’s day happier and you seem to be a nice person.

13.To love yourself, then to love another.

I had relationships that were pretty fucked up, because I wanted to be loved. The other guy had to love me. To become more self-assured and enjoy the little stuff about myself. I feel like I’m ready for a good relationship now, so I can love someone the way I love myself.

14. Identification as a human being.

Deal with it This is going to happen. Not everyone will love you, and that’s all right, because you don’t like everyone, do you? Mistakes will happen, don’t let them keep you down or be a cause from the start to hate people. Give everybody in the world a reasonable chance to win your hearts, and if after giving them that chance, you don’t like them? In an adult way, part ways. No yelling, no war, bad stuff is going to happen, and so be it.

15. Don’t beat up the past about yourself.


For lessons, you’ve learned, the past is just a disguise. Now you’re stronger. For whatever life has thrown at you, you have overcome it. You’ve been faced with depression, hurt, rage, envy or whatever and you’re here. Still standing, with the capacity to fill the way you want it to be in the future.

16. Be an autonomous thinker.

Outside the package, dare to dream. Find your version of the facts for yourself. Ask something or anything else about something just keep close to yourself and think about yourself. Don’t just say that anything is real because you’ve been told by another.

17. Get to know each other.


Would you want the person in front of you to stand there? What do you like about that individual? What is the greatest dream of that person? I still take the time to write about myself once a month, which does not make me a narcissist, but I just want to continue to better myself. So get to know yourself and find out why. You are worth loving.

18. Don’t lose the baby inside.

People forget to be careless and enthusiastic, with all this growing up to do. Go roll around on the lawn, or run to see someone who is quicker, hop around when it rains, and never forget to stop laughing.

19. Don’t ever stop being who you are.

Some people are not going to like you and that’s totally all right. In their own way, everyone is special. I am the one that I am, and you are the one that you are. We’re not expected to adjust for everyone. Take us as who we are or watch us go, and we’ll never be who we are.

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