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15 Interior Design Tips & Ideas for Small Spaces


A small space can give you that kind of comfort. Beyond everything, no matter how big or small your position is, being satisfied with your position is a matter of choice.

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Instead of comparing your home with that of a friend who owns a beautiful big house, learn how to make yourself more satisfied with the home you own, just in case you can’t afford a bigger new home.

On the other hand, exquisite decoration and design are not just for ample space, you only need a little modification and minimal effort to turn your small house into one of the most luxurious and modern places ever.

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The main goal give you several ideas tips that will make any space in your house seems bigger, but also teach you how to feel good once you step your feet at your doorstep and live in peace within that small place of yours.

The basic principle of decorating a house with the best design is to create focus, consistency, proportions, spatial definition, and balance. Treating all these aspects as difficult problems, they need to be placed together correctly and neatly.

This is how you will have a comfortable and comfortable house regardless of size. In this article, you will encounter many weird ideas that will provide you with practical solutions to easily transform your small house.

Although conventional open storage shelves may have some valuable solutions, they are still visually attractive.

  1. Add wall partition in the kitchen, is a smart thing to separate it from the dining area by adding wall partitions. However, you can still keep the place open and casual. You may also need to have long shelves that extend from the ceiling to the floor, so you can store everything easily without taking up too much space.

2. So, your room is relatively small? Don’t worry, this is easy to fix. You will only choose to use lamps and wall lamps instead of standing lamps, which can save the extra floor space occupied by standing lamps when placed around the room. Standing lamps are usually placed in corners and can provide inclusive brightness for small areas.

3. Home-office corner If you happen to handle these spaces in a clever way, you can take advantage of every space in your home. Therefore, if you want to be in a small place where you can work or study, you can create a simple workstation by adding a small corner between two closets.

To store the necessary materials, you can add a floating shelf above the desk. In this way, you will add a beautiful display effect on the room and avoid wasting extra space.

4. Partial walls In some cases, building walls is a smart way to create additional rooms. However, building a wall that extends to the ceiling will take up more space than necessary. In this case, you can try to build a partial wall in which two rooms can be separated, but still feel that your space is open and spacious.

5. Multi-purpose items Well, living in a small space may limit your decoration options, but don’t let this decoration enter your interior, you can use a variety of methods to avoid taking up too much space.

In addition, the room you are in may be used for different purposes, making people feel crowded. Therefore, you can create a simple unit to be used as a desk, a shelf for smart storage can be added above the unit, and a bed can be connected to the desk, and you can pull it out or hide it as needed.

In this way, you will not need to purchase multiple items to meet different purposes. It is always a better idea to create a project that can be used for multiple purposes.

6. Go Vertical Walk vertically to avoid horizontal sounding that may cause confusion, but this is to be resolved; use the space on the ceiling as much as possible. This means that if you need to use shelves for storage, always keep them high instead of wide, so that you don’t have to take up a lot of floor space.

In addition to horizontal things, horizontal things may make your place seem crowded, and strong vertical space makes the room look taller and taller.

Therefore, try to perform the same operation on all the parts present in the room. And keep the furniture low; this way, your room will look bigger and will also provide a beautiful design for your residence.

7. Full mirror attachment You may have heard of it before, haven’t you? Adding a complete mirror in the field of interior design is considered one of the best techniques, because it can increase the width of the room, thereby visually making your room look bigger.

In addition, please don’t forget to make sure that the mirror reflects a beautiful scene to add a sense of fashion to the overall design.

8. Smart bathroom Storage Of course, the bathroom must have some necessities, but if your bathroom is small, you may be dissatisfied with the possible jams caused by such things. Therefore, the best option should actually be placed on narrow ledges, as they store your things well without appearing overcrowded.

You can also add some small baskets to the shelf to create some privacy when storing materials, including cotton swabs, toothbrushes, favorite lotions, toothpaste, and all other items you think need to be in the bathroom.

9. Keep your forearms and long legs When it comes to living rooms, you will need to choose furniture wisely, as this may be a room that usually feels crowded. The living room needs to serve multiple purposes, such as a seat for watching TV, reading a newspaper or reading, and other purposes for serving guests. Due to the following reasons, you need to adapt your living room to the challenges of venues for various activities.

Therefore, please always choose a chair so that its arm is relatively small, and ensure that the square footage of the room is displayed on the seat. In addition, please make sure that your seat has long legs and not directly on the floor, as this saves space and makes your life comfortable.

10. Keep it lights As we all know, light colors enhance the sense of space, while dark colors usually shrink your position, not dark colors. Therefore, always paint the walls in light tones and provide furniture in soft tones. If you like dark colors, you can use them in very few proportions and make the rest of the room brighter, so that it feels wider and more vivid, and creates a vibrant atmosphere.

11. Ideas before buying anything This is human nature. We always tend to buy things that we think are useful at certain times in life. However, in a small space, you will only cause trouble and confusion, and you may find yourself unable to get rid of it. Therefore, before deciding to buy anything, make sure you really need it. In this way, your location will always look organized and there are no extra objects.

12. Down the stairs Small spaces can actually stimulate your creativity because you will always look for ways to use other spaces and avoid the surrounding mess. Because storage solutions save us from this problem, there is nothing wrong with improving every inch of the house (including under the stairs).

You can take advantage of that tiny non-cooperative area by adding shelf units, where you can store anything you want, from wine bottles to book collections.

13. Major artworks Don’t be afraid to hang large portraits on the wall. You might think that your choices are always limited to smaller objects, but when hanging artwork, you can expand as much as possible.

Not only because these suspensions make your walls and overall design look more impressive, but also because the visual materials play an important role in creating the illusion of a larger space.

14. Floating Shelves The proposal includes almost all items that can be hung rather than placed directly on the floor.

For example, if you want to have a bookshelf that can store and keep all books intact, choose a floating bookshelf so that you can avoid using unnecessary floor space. As we said before, look for lamps and wall lamps instead of standing lamps.

15. Quick window treatment Fast window decorations can play an important role in making small rooms look bigger than they actually are, especially if these decorations extend from the floor to the ceiling.

Are these techniques not enough to make you fall in love with your little house? Now is the time to consider the way to organize your items and see what caused your space to shrink unexpectedly. What could be the reason? Get creative.

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